Shadow Mountain Auto Service Testimonials

Representing the best in family operated auto repair shops in phoenix, Shadow Mountain Auto Service is a facility that is profoundly centered on making sure that their customers receive the best auto repair in phoenix.

The fact that Shadow Mountain Auto Service is not corporately owned, they are able to more effectively turn their attention to their customers.

In fact, the owners of Shadow Mountain Auto Service make several references to their shop being their pride and joy. Perhaps one of the greatest things about Shadow Mountain Auto Service is the fact that their staff knows very well to never sell a repair that does not directly benefit the health of the vehicle.

What People Are Saying About Shadow Mountain Auto Service

"Great service, friendly staff, A+++ experience, great prices."
- Jason S

"And have done so many times! Thank you for the outstanding work and services."
- Steve K

"You guys provide great service and follow up."
- Antoine C

"Your technicians advised me to postpone what could have been lucrative repairs for your firm. I felt I was dealt with competently and honestly."
- Patricia R
Shadow Mountain Auto Service Phoenix AZ Reviews
"Good shop for auto work. I will be back again."
- P.B.

"As always, great trustworthy service."
- Gordon M

"Thank you! Always get good service."
- Nancy N

"Already recommended to 1 person thus far."
- Alex K

"Honest, reliable, timely and fair pricing."
- Gordon M

"The team at Shadow Mountain Auto Service is great! The service and support has helped me keep my service vehicles on the road, without being sold useless services and parts."
- Todd H

"I have been a customer for many years and they have serviced my vehicle, my daughters and I have recommended them to any one I know. The facility is super clean from the waiting room, the restroom, and in particular the service area. The Owners and all of the employees take the time to LISTEN and answer all of your questions and concerns. No suprises here. And yes CHARACTER does count. Customer service is alive and well at Shadow Mtn. Auto Service."
- Connie S

"I have recommended Shadow Mountain to dozens of people."
- William K

"I have confidence you will always do whatever is necessary to keep my car in good repair and never suggest anything I don't really need. Great peace of mind."
- Patricia B

"Great Company and people."
- Mike D

"Great, fast service as always. Thanks!"
- Chris S

"You guy's (and Cindy) are Simply the BEST!
- Bill B

"Kurt and Cindy were AWESOME. we will, and have recommended this business!
- Steve K


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