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Get paid for your garage space or store your vehicle for less.

When Spacefit was founded, their goal was to match car owners and collectors, boat and RV owners — anyone looking for short or long-term vehicle storage — with safe and secure places to keep their prized possessions. They wanted to make it easy for people to find an available space near their neighborhood through a sharing community of homeowners, private warehouses and commercial facilities.

About Spacefit

Spacefit was founded by guys and car gals. They share your passion. They know how hard it is to find a place to keep your treasured vehicle safe from weather and carelessness. Spacefit's goal is to help you find the right place for your vehicle and to help homeowners and commercial facilities find a use for their unused parking and garage space.

Their team brings years of experience in digital commerce to Spacefit. They are dedicated to building a sharing community that brings people together.

Whether you have under-utilized space or just need a place to store your special vehicle, join the Spacefit community. There are no membership fees. You can list your unused space for free and you can search for available space in your area with no obligation.

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