Interested in Becoming a Bumper to Bumper Radio Partner?

We are looking for established, quality, independently owned auto repair shops where the owner is on premise a majority of the time.  These would be seasoned shops that Bumper to Bumper Radio, can, without hesitation, refer customers to because the shop is one that puts people ahead of money.

In the old days, if you performed good, honest work at a fair price, you had more than enough business.  As the world gets more competitive -- and it is -- independent shops are getting squeezed out by chain stores with huge, aggressive marketing budgets.  Still providing good, honest work hasn’t changed, but as the market has with just about everyone is advertising. Advertising is a must if you don’t just want to survive, but thrive.

Bumper to Bumper Radio is a unique, economical way for independent auto repair shops to advertise.  Bumper to Bumper Radio offers niche advertising solutions, allowing your business to stand out from other traditional forms of marketing that are heavily saturated by big name chain stores.  In order to ensure your economical support of the show gives you a good return on investment, we limit partner shops geographically. For this reason, unfortunately, not everyone is a fit.  Either way, please apply!  We look forward to beginning a relationship with you.


Clip of the Week

Bumper to Bumper Radio helps a listener with a catalytic converter question.