Bumper to Bumper Radio Phoenix AZWe go on the air every week to get this message out.  You owe it to yourself and to everyone else on the road to keep your car in great shape.  Your safety and your well being depend on it.  There is a lot you can do by yourself.  That is much of what we talk about on our show. But as soon as you know you are stepping outside of your comfort zone - find a qualified mechanic.  You will need to get educated, and be prepared to trust an expert when you find one.

Our key staff members have spent their whole lives in the world of auto repair and maintenance.  We want to share that expertise with you in an open dialog.  Please join us.

ASE Certified Technician, Accredited Automotive Manager

Co-host, Bumper to Bumper Radio

Matt Allen started working on cars when he was 16 years old. He enjoyed it so much that he began to dream about owning his own shop someday.

Matt’s opportunity came up when he happened upon the building where Virginia Auto Service is currently located. The shop was boarded up and in major disrepair. To anyone else, it looked like a disaster, but to Matt, it looked like his dream.

A little determination and a lot of elbow grease enabled Matt to open Virginia Auto Service in 1995. He was only 24 years old.

From the beginning, Matt’s philosophy was to “Do the right thing, and do it with the highest quality.” It’s because of that philosophy that Virginia Auto Service has been able to weather the many challenges that presented themselves. From down economies, to a fire that almost destroyed the entire business, Virginia Auto Service has made it through the hardest of times.

Matt credits the success of Virginia Auto Service to his philosophy of taking care of customers. “We treat everyone like family,” he says.

Matt Allen is proud to be a member of the Central Phoenix community and is actively involved in various non-profit organizations and charitable causes. One of his favorite memories is buying and donating several thousand dollars’ worth of toys to sick children at Phoenix Children’s Hospital at Christmas time because someone had stolen them.

Virginia Auto Service has won several awards including MotorAge Top Shop (twice!), Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, Impact Business of the Year, and Spirit of Enterprise Finalist.
Matt loves it when Bumper to Bumper listeners call or visit his shop. He says building relationships and taking care of people’s cars makes it all worthwhile.


Michael has been on the car repair and radio broadcasting scene in Phoenix for many years. He is responsible for many successful talk radio shows focused on consumer issues.

Michael heads up our partner relations department. To our listeners, that means he is the one who maintains our relationship with the Auto Repair Shops endorsed by Bumper To Bumper.

There's not a bad apple in the bunch, or Mikes butt would be on the line for it. Sure he's a nice guy and all, but Mike turns into a monster when it comes to telling the difference between a great shop, and one that's just blowing smoke.

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