H & I Automotive Mesa Testimonials

H & I Automotive Testimonials Reviews AZ | H and I Automotive Mesa Arizona
H & I Automotive Testimonials Reviews AZ | H and I Automotive Mesa Arizona

Since 2009, H & I Automotive in Gilbert, AZ has provided the region with top-quality automotive repairs. They dedicate themselves to providing the best service at affordable rates for all makes and models of vehicles. Owner, Spencer Doucet is a GM World-Class Technician, Infiniti Master Technician who will ensure your vehicle is repaired correctly the first time.

What People Are Saying About H & I Automotive

"My 1997 Camaro fuel pump went out in a parking lot. Had it towed to H&I. The fuel pump was replaced by them to years ago. They stood behind their warranty and replaced it at no charge. They recommended additional service for the fuel system since I rarely drive the car that much I even saw the owner working on my car with the technicians. When a business stands behind their work, it means a lot to a customer. I don’t mind driving the extra distance to get to their shop. As long as I can get my vehicle to them, they will continue to do my work."
- Raymond S

"I’m new to the area and this is definitely my go to shop from now on. Scheduled an appointment and they got on the vehicle right away. Got my estimate promptly and they took care of multiple issues and I couldn’t be more pleased! I was treated like family from start to finish. Thanks guys, you are awesome!!"
- Shane B

"Recommendation for H & I came from trusted friend. I needed repair work on door and AC. I have been completely satisfied with my 2 occasions using H & I. Not a single doubt about anything. Prices were fair and work was superb. Highly recommend them to anyone/ Their name says it all."
- John P

"So grateful for the guys at H & I. We have had many issues with our vehicle and the guys at H and I have been extremely helpful! Not only are they knowledgeable, but they are always kind and honest! So happy to have our forever car shop that we can always trust."
- Amy R

"H&I has been our Buick's best friend since we first began taking it in for routine servicing seven years ago. Its service is as good as it gets: accurate diagnosis of current service needs, reliable completion of the repair work that needs to be done, and within the time-frame promised. We have been very satisfied with H&I's servicing of our car. I have had the opportunity to recommend H&I to my neighbor, who also now takes her automobile in for servicing."
- Phil & Lori G

"Best customer service ever. They absolutely live up to their name. H & I of Mesa is where I've taken my vehicles to for simple oil changes to a total over-haul of my 03 Chevy Avalanche. It's not easy as a single female to walk into an auto shop and ask questions but at H & I Automotive I do. They treat me as a valued customer, answer any questions I have and are never offended if I question a price or ask for explanation. On top of all that there mechanics and everyone who works there is extremely knowledgeable and experienced."
- Mary L

"Well H&I Honest & Integrity lives up to their name. Today 5/24/23 after completing a job my crew and I went to my truck to leave and roll up the windows & put on the AC. But my driver side door window wouldn't work. Well, I listen to Bumper to Bumper on Saturday's and heard Spenser talk about his shop (H&I) in Mesa 1 mile from my house. I walked in there expecting to pay at least $150-250 to just get the window up without a switch replacement. Spencer came out and with a little magic in seconds got the window up. Not only did he not charge me but said if it does it again come back he will get it up. OMG are you kidding me. Spencer doesn't no me from Adam. I own a packing company for 20 years and with inflation and high cost of labor it's a nightmare for little operators like me. I just want to say to H&I plus Spencer I'm telling my friends and they won me over for taking care of my Trucks and personal cars."
- Jack V

"I have to say after looking at their negative reviews, for the most part they are bogus. I have read the response from the owner and 99% of these complaints are BS. So since I live less than a mile away I definitely will try these guys out. I only know about them when I was listening to Bumper to Bumper today and was impressed with Spencer on the radio. I have multiple vehicles. And I will give them a shot. I follow honest decent managers. Over the last 30 years I have used chain stores, dealers, AAA, etc... What makes me change is the manager. When a ALPHA DOG manager leaves a store I am gone!"
- Jack V

"Straight to the point and honest about repairs, I would recommend them to anybody."
- Joshua G

"Spencer and his team are amazing & went above and beyond for me!! I was coming up on renewing my registration/needed to pass emissions and sadly my check engine light came on. I took my car into the KIA dealership for a recall, where they gave me a list of other issues with the car & a LARGE quote on the repairs. So I took my car into H&I for a second opinion. They were so honest about the issues that needed to be addressed immediately and ones that could wait for a later date.. which will help me a lot with my budget. The pricing of the repair that I had done was WAY more reasonable than what the dealership quoted me. And guess what??? I left H&I and went straight to emissions and passed! These guys are so personable, honest & as a woman (who knows nothing about cars by the way), I felt respected and comfortable with my experience there. Thank you! Thank you!"
- Chloe S

"The staff at H & I Automotive are the BEST! Their service is professional and reasonably priced. Very pleased to recommend H & I Automotive for virtually any type auto repair!"
- Alan B

"It is a comforting feeling to have an automobile service company you trust."
- Jeffrey B

"H&I has been our Buick's best friend since we first began taking it in for routine servicing three years ago. Its service is as good as it gets: accurate diagnosis of current service needs, reliable completion of the repair work that needs to be done, and within the time-frame promised. We have been very satisfied with H&I's servicing of our car."
- Phil G

"Very impressed with the service that I received at H & I automotive! From the minute I walked in I was treated with utmost respect. What surprised me the most was when they took my truck in to change the transmission fluid, I received a text message with a breakdown of all the service checks on my truck. From comparisons to what my fluid looks like to what they're supposed to be, the photos of my belts, the lining of my transmission, the oil pan, even my windshield wipers. The best part is the transmission fluid change has $1,000 warranty if anything happens to the system. I definitely will be trusting them with any automotive needs that I have, you should too!"
- Bryan

"Thank you so much for your kindness! I will always recommend you to everyone who needs a mechanic!!"
- Selina M

"Always a very pleasant experience, with great staff that does good work. They are interested in our needs and the job that needs to be done. Highly recommend!"
- Linda C

"H&I Automotive was awesome! My sons car needed the engine basically completely rebuilt and H&I did the job and did it well! They kept in great communication with updates, were friendly, were honest about what really needed to be done, finished the job professionally and ahead of schedule and were completely fair with the pricing! Definitely bringing other vehicles to them as needed!"
- Kerry S

"I brought my car in because I thought I was having an electrical issue. Steven asked me some questions to try and diagnose the issue and allowed me to ramble. They inspected the vehicle and found that my model actually had a recall due to a fuel pump issue. They provided me with all the information I’d need to get this addressed with my dealership and charged me a minimal fee for the work that was done. I’m extremely happy with my experience and their overall professionalism and kindness."
- Craig C

"H&I was very warm and friendly! I will 100% go back to them! I am away from family and they made me feel like family! The questions I had were answered in detail. I would highly recommend them to anyone!"
- Jessica G

"First time customer. Had one of "those" noises. Thought it may have been transmission related. Kirk and Spencer immediately examined the car and determined the problem. Scheduled the repair in a timely fashion and performed the repair on time and under the estimate. How's that for honesty? Friendly and professional. A few days later a text making sure all was well. They made a customer out of me."
- Richard E

"I brought my car in because I thought I was having an electrical issue. Steven asked me some questions to try and diagnose the issue and allowed me to ramble. They inspected the vehicle and found that my model actually had a recall due to a fuel pump issue. They provided me with all the information I’d need to get this addressed with my dealership and charged me a minimal fee for the work that was done. I’m extremely happy with my experience and their overall professionalism and kindness."
- Craig C

"H&I was very warm and friendly! I will 100% go back to them! I am away from family and they made me feel like family! The questions I had were answered in detail. I would highly recommend them to anyone!"
- Jessica G

"They repaired my daughter's a/c, same day, so she could get back to school and work. They always do a fabulous job, and are so great to work with. I highly recommend them!!"
- Rhonda C

"H & I is my go to for all things vehicle related. There’s no better feeling than knowing I can trust the technicians and know they will always be honest with me and take great care of my car and my family’s!"
- Sidney R

"Working with H and I exceed my expectations. I strongly feel that I was treated with a high level of honesty and integrity. Thank you so much."
- Cari S

"When I first interviewed the owners of H and I while looking for a new auto shop I told them I wasn’t looking for a mechanic I was looking for a care taker for my truck. These guys have never let me down. No pressure ever, only information and great customer service. They have a warranty option for qualified vehicles which adds a high level of comfort as my vehicle ages. I’m very happy with them. I go to their Mesa location."
- Anonymous

"I have never been treated as well I was treated at H&I. They are so kind, affordable, quick to fix your problem to get you back on the road. Thank you so much I have a shop for life!!"
- Diana G

"Honest fair stand up folks. Rather than try an price gouge me they were straight up with me on my repair. Appreciate the integrity and I’ll recommend and come back."
- Brack

"I have been a customer for 12 years, and they are the most Honest professional company you would ever want to have service your vehicle. They are amazing and I tell everybody to go to them. Thanks!"
- Patti R

"Once again... top notch efficient service. We don't even think about going anywhere else. 9 years and going!!! Thanks Spencer."
- Shirley P

"I have been a customer for 12 years, and they are the most Honest professional company you would ever want to have service your vehicle. They are amazing and I tell everybody to go to them. Thanks!"
- Patti R

"Honest fair stand up folks. Rather than try an price gouge me they were straight up with me on my repair. Appreciate the integrity and I’ll recommend and come back."
- Brack M

"I have never been treated as well I was treated at H&I. They are so kind, affordable, quick to fix your problem to get you back on the road. Thank you so much I have a shop for life!!"
- Diana G

"I visited the H & I shop in Mesa after a strong recommendation by a friend. I had become concerned because the a/c system didn't seem to be cooling my minivan sufficiently. I also wanted to get a good assessment of the overall condition of my vehicle's other systems since my extended warranty recently expired. I called and spoke to Steve and was happy to get an appointment within two days. I was impressed with the detail taken to check out the car. They were able to bring the a/c back to my expected comfort level, but they also found a broken engine mount. Steve pointed out some other services that should be performed in the near future, but no pressure to do anything right away. The problem with the engine mount was resolved with a new mount and the car was released to me the same day. Great customer service and care."
- Bonnie K

"When I first interviewed the owners of H and I while looking for a new auto shop I told them I wasn’t looking for a mechanic I was looking for a care taker for my truck. These guys have never let me down. No pressure ever, only information and great customer service. They have a warranty option for qualified vehicles which adds a high level of comfort as my vehicle ages. I’m very happy with them. I go to their Mesa location."
- Anonymous

"Working with H and I exceed my expectations. I strongly feel that I was treated with a high level of honesty and integrity. Thank you so much."
- Cari S

"I've been using H&I Automotive for many years and have always been extremely happy with their work. I love the communication and professionalism. They provide a free inspection and suggest services or repairs but they have never been pushy. Overall H&I provides superior service at a fair price. I highly recommend them."
- Robert H

"Every time I go to H & I Automotive I always get great service."
- Anonymous

"Everyone was very friendly and professional. my car got serviced quickly."
- Howard L

"Was given a quote for requested work prior to appointment. At completion, price was less than quoted and I was apprised of progress via inspection reports during the service interval. My interaction with H&I staff was courteous, professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I have no qualms recommending H&I for your vehicles service."
- Gary F

"Very professional and Knowledgeable. These guys are the best."
- Bill Y

"I was referred to Steve at H and I Automotive by another very well known service writer that didn't work on Hondas. Steve took care of my daughter and her car. He was very clear about what was going on with her car and came up with a game plan that allowed us to select what was right for my daughter's budget. Steve made the entire process easy to understand. A lot of times when a woman goes into an auto shop their experience is not good, but Steve and his crew are professionals and made us feel comfortable. They were able to see the car and repair it very quickly at a reasonable price. Ladies! If you are looking for an honest automotive repair shop, H and I Automotive is the place to go."
- Stormy M

"I’ve been bringing my vehicles to H&I for many years. They have truly earned my trust. This service was for replacement of the timing chain in my wife’s 2013 Toyota Venza. The final total was LESS than I was quoted AND it included several services that weren’t even factored into the original quote. VERY HAPPY!"
- Darren M

"I am always afraid of what might come up in their very thorough evaluation, but I know it will be the truth. Thanks folks"
- Jeff P

"They're the best! Only ones I trust to touch the Cobra! They have worked on multiple cars of mine, and every time it's honest work at an honest price. The important part is the quality of work, and in my opinion they are the best. Keep up the great work!"
- Anonymous

"First time taking my truck to H&I and was pleased with the work they did. They were quick, knowledgeable and friendly guys. Would recommend to others."
- Kolten C

"Our Sequoia is about 265k miles old, the radiator called it quits. It was easy to set up a convenient appt. to work on the suv. They finished the job sooner than planned and at the price estimated. I had some questions after the job - all questions answered without rushing me out of the door. I like the pictures they text me that accompany the troubleshooting phase. Highly recommend this auto repair shop."
- Tom D

"Car repairs and maintenance are important and so we've gone to H and I,for could it be, a dozen years? Vehicles always well taken care of and rarely surprises. Really good service and they care for the car and the owners."
- Carolyn M

"Repeat customer for life with this crew of magicians at H&I, no doubt !! We had a grocery list of repairs on our 2007 Ford Escape and these men truly walked us through step by step. Detailed line by line. Thorough clean work. Super patient with explaining how everything went together to work as a unit (why issues were occurring, and piece by piece of what was needed for correction ). I grew up with mechanics as mentors in my family, being made aware of quality work and those out there just looking for an extra dime for poor execution. This shop and the good humans running the front and back end are a smooth close knit crew that really knows this business and strive to meet the needs of their customers . It’s like a any great relationship : trust • integrity • care • and patience . That’s what H&I provide in spades!!"
- Christy L

"H&I is all about great service and you know the job will be done right. Thx guys!!!"
- Brett B

"Super helpful and reliable. Always give the best advice for care on the car. Awesome job."
- Delvin B

"These guys are friendly explain all the work you need done. Do not try to push any repair’s on you. Tell you upfront the cost, the time it will take and guarantee all their work. What more can you ask for. Steve and Jeff you guys rock!"
- Lauren S

"Always professional and friendly service at a good price. I've had my Infiniti serviced here for 10 years and hope to continue for another 10 years."
- Sharon F

"Just about as pleasant an auto repair shop as you could imagine. Their name, H & I, (Honesty & Integrity) really does say it all."
- Tom G

"Was surprised by the gearshift not communicating with the automatic transmission. The quote of repair much less the stated; THANK YOU so very much. Your crew (company) does an extraordinary work! Whenever I have had an auto problem your company solves the issues immediately and skillfully. Thank H & I again!"
- John G

"I could not ask for a better partner in keeping my 2000 e150 ford van running perfect. Great service, great people."
- Dawn B

"I have been a loyal customer to H & I Automotive Repair for over a decade. It is my opinion that they have the best customer service in the valley. Service Manager, Steve Buchmeier and his supporting staff are professional, knowledgeable and friendly. They kept me informed, pointed out as to what I needed and what I did not need. I have an older car (2004) which was running rough, and the Repair Engine Light was on. After running a diagnostic, they replaced a faulty variable camshaft timing solenoid, and my problem was resolved."
- Charles B

"I have an old car I want to keep for as long as possible. For 8 years H & I has taken the initiative & time to find parts without whining "they're hard to find," has taken the car immediately in 2 road emergencies and when there is an issue/question they always deal with it professionally, dependably & honestly. The service is excellent & techs sincerely care. Thanks H & I."
- Corrine M

"Regular maintenance on our 2013 Chevy Avalanche. 100k service with plugs and wires replaced. Oil change. Inspection found rear pinion seal leaking, so replaced. These guys will have my girl running fine for another 100k. I enthusiastically recommend H&I Automotive to anyone seeking automotive maintenance or repairs from a shop that is based on Honesty and Integrity (H&I Automotive). Thanks again guys!"
- Michael M

"They were able to get my brakes done at the last minute on a Friday before the weekend. Also able to diagnose and correct an air flow problem with my AC system."
- Tobias S

"The H&I team got my daughters A/C fixed, same day, so she could get back to school and work. They do a fabulous job, and are awesome to deal with. I highly recommend them!!"
- Rhonda C

"Since we only stay in the area for a few months in the winter, when we had trouble with our cars air conditioning I checked online for a recommendation. H & I Automotive had a five star rating so I called them. Kirk was very helpful and got our car in right away. He told me upfront how much I was going to have to spend to have my problem fixed. He called me during the repair process and I appreciated that so much. I would recommend them highly and will go back there again!"
- Ed and Barb A

"I needed my air conditioner fixed and they were able to fit me into their tight schedule and got it done sooner than I thought. I am older and I get sick from the heat this was a blessing thanks guys for all the work and effort that you put in. You’re the best."
- Jerry V

"H&I has maintained our 3 vehicles for the past 6 or 7 years. They are always professional, efficient, knowledgeable and friendly. When it comes to vehicle maintenance and repair, we trust and appreciate Honesty and Integrity (H&I)."
- Michael M

"Quality and timely work at a fair price. Staff was friendly and courteous and provided periodic updates as repairs were completed. I highly recommend H&I for your automotive needs."
- Gary F

"I only take my car here . They’re very professional and nice I've been going to them for years and I'm always satisfied. Just a great bunch of guys."
- Sandra P

"Car had been sitting for a couple of months and rodents did a number on wiring. Had to be towed to H&i and they searched the country for parts. All is good now."
- Anonymous

"Wanted to thank Chris and his crew for taking good care of my car. I’m glad that H & I automotive has service techs that can work on a Corvette. Many places cannot work on these cars. I will be bringing all of my vehicles to H and I Automotive. Thank you for a job well done."
- Raymond S

"Great customer service! They were very thorough and good communication!"
- Stephanie B

"H&I is a great place to have repair work done. They are very polite and friendly. Their prices are very fair. Also, they do timely work."
- Carney L

"Very courteous and kind. No hidden charges. Did a great job in a timely manner."
- Sharon M

"The H&I team always do a fabulous job and provide excellent customer service! Whether it's a simple oil change or something much more in depth, you can count on them to get it done correctly."
- Rhonda C

"I had them do a number of issues on my Corvette. As we are snowbirds, we didn't know any repair shops in the area. They performed fixing the issues in a prompt time and will use them again!"
- Ken G

H&I has consistently provided excellent customer service to me and my family. Unlike other repair shops, they won't replace parts just to price gauge you. Their honesty is above reproach. And yes, I am loyal customer.
- Charles B

"Communication was excellent... and all service was completed as I discussed with the service manager. The vehicle was ready to go in a timely manner and pricing was right in line or lower than the other estimate I got. Considering the prices of new cars/trucks this is “My Go to shop” to keep my older vehicles running."
- Chris S

"Brought my 2012 Camaro in for what I thought was a blown head gasket (air bubbles in radiator and boiling out when hot. The crew did a block test (cylinder pressure test) to see if this was the issue, gladly it was not and was diagnosed with a leaking water pump and a timing cover that was leaking oil. So with this I had them do a new timing chain while they had the cover off to fix oil leak and replace water pump. Kudos go out to Chris and his crew as they kept in contact all along the way and did a thorough check of other items on car and sent me a download that showed each item checked with recommendations for service intervals. Again above and beyond what other shops will do. The repair was done in a timely manner and I couldn't be happier with the service from H&I. Thanks again, looks like my family has a new go-to Service shop."
- David N

"I needed a battery as mine had died, Chris was able to fit me in for the new battery and was extremely helpful. I first went a few months ago for some needed maintenance and I will return for any of my vehicle needs. Easy. Fair, honest and the best service you'll find."
- Pete G

"H&I are amazing mechanics. They are efficient and effective and provide solutions for every situation that I have. We love Spencer and all his crew as they are well trained and gifted mechanics. Thank you for your great service."
- Richard L

"Extremely thankful for Spencer and the guys over at H&I! Came to the shop to get a new battery, and come to find out my alternator was unplugged and had killed the battery. Everything was fixed and replaced and I left a happy camper. Thanks guys for being awesome!"
- Angela P

"The long and short of it was a wasted my money with Big O Tire, wasted my money with San Tan Ford, and just by chance a backyard Mechanic referred me to these guys.. They had my car diagnosed and fixed within two days… I will never again use anybody else."
- Tom L

"H&I went above and beyond to get the front end on my Jeep back in alignment. I know they took extra time to get it to perform as good as possible. I would highly recommend them!"
- Alan R

"H & I Automotive Service Center is a very ethical repair shop. As always, I have found their work on my GMC Envoy to be timely and well done. At the time of service, I had a “Check Engine” light come on. They fixed it and since the part & labor was covered under their 5-year warranty they replaced it at no cost to me and without and any questions asked. Steve Buchmeier at H & I have been my Service Rep for over 15 years. Not once have I ever had any issue with his service. He has always gone the extra mile to provide exceptional service to my entire family. He is very honest and will always give you his best advice regarding anything concerning your vehicle. He is one hell of a guy and I always enjoy talking with him. I would recommend H & I Automotive Service Center to anyone."
- Charles B

"Calvin said between Spence and Chris, service personnel are the best mechanic-service business. They're great. He has referred a customer to them, they have a customer that is very satisfied enjoys not only the service but the personality of the people."
- Calvin M

"Very friendly, communicates well and overall great service that you can trust."
- Kyle H

"I can't say enough great things about Steve B and the mechanics that work on my truck. Thank you."
- Tammy G

"Very friendly, communicates well and overall great service that you can trust."
- Kyle H

"Left the car there on Thursday it was ready Friday afternoon that’s great service."
- Tim P

"I’m always hesitant about “car repairs”, but with H & I, I like how the repairs are laid out for you, the format. Easy to read and understand. I felt no pressure, but honest opinions concerning necessary repairs."
- John B

"Once again the fine and talented folks at H&I came through. No surprise. With zero warning the fuel pump on our 2013 Chevy Avalanche quit. With one phone call they set us up with complementary towing (late on Friday afternoon) and fit us into their schedule the very next workday (Monday). The issue was quickly diagnosed, and parts ordered. Tuesday they completed repairs along with scheduled routine maintenance, and had it ready for pick up early in the afternoon. We have three vehicles, and all are maintained by H&I. They have earned our highest respect and unqualified recommendation to anyone looking for an automotive shop that put Honesty & Integrity first!"
- Michael M

"Everyone there is very professional. They keep You informed on how everything is going With your vehicle"
- Bill Y

"Called Spencer and told me he could get it done in a day. Took it in at 7am. Steve told me steps for dx. Dx revealed electrical issue with ac. Out the door in 1/2 the day. Back on road and vacation plans kept."
- Steve M

"My 1999 s10 runs like new again. I'm greatly satisfied and appreciative with the service I received and would tell you no need to second guess coming here. I went in for a specific issue and they were able to take care of it and found 2 other items that should have been found by my previous shop on the many occasions I had gone in there and each time paying for a supposed diagnostic fee without finding anything but should have been concerned in my opinion why they always had to top off coolant and oil. They completed all the work in a timely manner and in my opinion a fair price then they go the extra mile with a FREE ROADSIDE SERVICE which I haven't needed. Now I drive without fear of breaking down and all fluid levels remain where they should be. THANK YOU TO THE ENTIRE SHOP!"
- Jim A

"I was making my way back up to Georgia and had a front wheel Bearing go out. They were slammed but manage to make time and got back in the road the next day."
- Mike R

"Quick and extremely effective work done to a older model car with parts getting harder to find. They have taken care of the family car for years and it still rides and drives like it was new they make time stand still great work guys!! Only complaint is the steering wheel had grease. A dental rarely missed! No one else is allowed to work on our cars. Again great work to all H and I guys!!"
- Robert B

"Thanks for found such a great job on my Miata. I really liked your technicians report and all the items checked. You have a steady customer!"
- Jim F

"The guys who work here really care about their clients. The are always polite and keep you informed on what’s going on with your vehicle. They know what they are doing. I felt very pleased and confident with the work they did and I would gladly take my vehicle to them again.I was visiting from out of town and they took great care of me."
- JoAnn K

"We’ve been customers of H & I for many years. We send all of friends and family to them as well. Highly recommend!!!!"
- Rob G

"The customer service was above and beyond. They earned my business and I will be back."
- Victor R

"My truck was taken to H& I Automotive in Mesa for a very dangerous steering problem that was experienced while towing a 17’ trailer back from up north. After inspection it was found to have a bad steering year and some other front end problems. The guy we spoke with, Steve Buchmeier, explained every thing very clearly so even noncar person could understand. The truck was done the next day at the cost I was told. Great service, fantastic communication! I would recommend this business highly!"
- Tammy G

"This place was one of the best examples of what a professional and honest mechanic shop should look like. They don't mess around and they tell you exactly what is going on, and how to fix it."
- Troy E

"They’re great at diagnostic tests. They tell you their recommendations and let you decide, no pressure. A+ work."
- Alice P

"No one ever wants to spend money fixing their vehicle or maintaining it, but Spencer and the team at H and I Automotive are absolutely amazing! They do a complete vehicle diagnostics and give you a report that shows complete breakdown of your vehicles “health” and what is recommended to be addressed. I ended up servicing all my fluids & My Jeep hasn’t ran and shifted this smooth for a couple years!"
- Ruston R

"Again, above expected experience. Needed the alternator changed, and requested the brakes redone due to pulsing. Got a call after inspection that the rotors only needed turned. Could have charged me for a while brake job and did not. Honest, reliable, and take pride in helping their customers."
- Bryan G

"I was searching for an automotive company who could help with my car. It’s been so hot and I needed this problem fixed pronto! I called H&I and since it was a Friday, he said I could bring my car in ASAP before the Labor Day weekend. I was happy that I did. My air conditioner blows nice ,cold air now! Hooray! They also did an inspection of my car and mentioned what I needed to address soon and later. Thanks H&I for being so thorough and honest! I’ll be back next time!!"
- Anonymous

"The people at H&I treat my vehicles like THEY own them! All maintenance and service is kept up to date, and records are easily accessed. BY ME! H&I is my “go to” place for all things automotive. They've earned that loyalty by consistently providing 5 Star service."
- Michael M

"This place is incredible! I’m so lucky to have finally found a place that doesn’t take advantage of me and my lack of knowledge about vehicles. They are always very honest and break things down for me so I know if I need to have something fixed urgently, or if I have time before needing to get something taken care of. If you’re looking for a reliable, friendly, quality place to take your vehicle... this is the place!"
- Anonymous

"If you don't expect honesty from a auto repair shop then don't go to H&I Automotive, How many auto repair shops and/or dealers provides a nationwide 5 year, 60,000 warranty on parts and labor? Probably zero. Over the past 12 years, or more, I've had all my vehicles serviced with H&I because of their honesty and loyalty to the customer... They never replace parts that don't need to be replaced."
- Charles B

"I recently visited H&I Automotive after getting a quote from Sun Devil to have my AC fixed for $1,900. These guys got me in the next day, sold me the one part I needed versus the three I was being sold elsewhere and had the original quote beat by a mile. Everything was installed and they had me back on the road the day after that with cold AC! Thankful I got in touch with Steve, him and Chris do a great job."
- Nolan

"I like taking my car here because it is a quiet place to read. It is not chaotic like most places. I know they will do an awesome job of n my car. Its not easy trusting most auto shops but coming here I know I will get the best of everything. Best service and people ever."
- Ginger S

"The job was done right and on time. The staff was friendly, just a overall good place. I would not be saying this if it wasn't true."
- Jim C

"I took my car in based on the reviews. They did not steer me wrong. The prices were reasonable. The work was done that was necessary. I'm very pleased. They even cleaned my window it really needed it. Very pleased would recommend it."
- Marilyn R

"I had an issue with my car that one shop could get to for about a week. H&I got it in their already busy day and got it done by the next day! Great experience."
- Mosiah M

"Always a comfort to know that you have professionals looking out for your vehicles. Top quality work in a timely manner. Honesty and integrity are key for H&I."
- Jeff P

"H&I is absolutely the best place to get any of your car repairs taken care of."
- Verna H

"Steve and the guys are great to work with. In instances where there are multiple things that need to be done, they are happy to work with me to determine a priority list. Their online report card of the health of my vehicle is the best and most detailed I've ever seen and provides insight and transparency into the often murky world of automotive repair and maintenance. They never try to pressure or upsell me which is always appreciated!"
- Kimberly M

"I had an awesome experience at H&I Automotive. Steven was the absolute best. The staff, and even the other customers were kind and very friendly. The work was done quickly and very well. I will be going back to H&I, and I will refer my friends and family to them."
- Sandra B

"It’s in the name. Refreshing after dealing with dealership crooks. Quality work!"
- Anonymous

"We've had H&I perform routine and more urgent maintenance and repairs. Prompt service, reasonable rates, useful information. We're always pleased with the performance of our Forester and Prius."
- Chris H

"Amazingly quick turnaround With the service on my car! The timing fit in perfectly with my schedule and the workmanship and service were incredible!"
- Darin F

"We were so satisfied with the services that they had to offer. So friendly and they went above and beyond the service I originally came in for. Would highly recommend for anyone , family and friends !!! Will definitely be taking both vehicles to them from now on."
- Bonnie M

"I have been to this shop with a variety of trucks and cars. Fleet vehicles and my own personal ride. I have had the chance to compare them with item by item apples to apples estimates from at least 3 other shops spread across the valley. I come back time and again to H&I because the only way to go is honesty and integrity =)"
- Steve W

"Very good, very thorough, very reliable! Keeps our 15 year old car running like new!!!"
- Terry A

"Friendly , straight to the point, will explain everything to you and why and will show you the issue in person."
- Justin C

"These guys go beyond helping when they can. I highly recommend this car place."
- Sandra P

"This is one of the best car repair shop I have been to in the 69 years I have been needing car repair. They are always friendly and help full and knowledge about what is wrong with my car. Vary professional and always true about what is wrong. I give them a perfect score."
- Joe C

"Nice and honest thorough place. Cares to help you."
- Anna S

"I've always been impressed with the service I received from H and I automotive. I've been a customer for many years and have no desire to change. I am glad I was referred to them. I would refer anyone to trust them with servicing your vehicle."
- Blaine H

"I would recommend this shop to anybody! anytime I have issues with my truck I know I can rely on them not to oversell me or try to charge me for things that are not needed. Had the whole cluster panel light up on me and was unsure what was going on. They were able to diagnose it and find out that it was just a 10 amp fuse that I had missed. They could have up charged me and told me it was something else but was honest about it and made suggestions on what I should take care of and even suggested that some of it is easy enough that I can fix on my own. They do great work and Will always get my business Thank you H& I!"
- Bryan G

"Amazing customer service, very thorough at their job. Go above and beyond any other shop I've ever used in the valley. Extremely impressed"
- Hector S

"This was my second time going to H&I Automotive, have now been once to each location. They are extremely easy to set an appointment with and very flexible. The guys stick to your main concern but always give you a full breakdown of anything else they noticed you need fixed either ASAP or down the road. No BS sales type attitude, they just get the job done."
- Kianna P

"These guys are always fair dealers who do excellent work."
- Karen P

"Such a great experience at H&I automotive. Such great customer service and very friendly. Very helpful with any question I had. I will definitely be coming back and refer other people to you."
- Ryan J

"Came in for an alignment and I was really impressed with H&I customer service. I will refer all my friends and family to H&I."
- Ben G

"I would not take my car to anyone else. H & I are the best what great people to work with."
- JC

"The mechanics are very personable and honest. I like the full visual view of service findings and given the option to choose the work I want done."
- Diane Z

"The staff is amazing from front office to the mechanics. Recommend H&I to all my family and friends."
- Andrew W

"Great job. Drag Link /tie rod ends, steering stabilizer, front diff leak fixed, wheel alignment. Drives awesome ready to go 4 wheeling. This is the 2nd time I've had work done with your shop. Good job."
- Nate J

"Since our first experience several years ago, H&I has been our “go to” place for all things automotive. Regular maintenance, specific repairs and even referrals for specialty work, we rely on the good people at H&I. We will continue to recommend H&I to both family and friends. And maybe we’ll recommend a name change too; H (Honesty) I (Integrity) R (Reliability) T (Trustworthy) P (Professional)"
- Michael M

"The assistant store manager and technician answered all my questions, showed me on my vehicle what their findings were, explained the need for future maintenance, and took the time to insure I fully understood their recommendations. They both were very friendly, told me stuff I didn't know and made sure I completely understood what was being said. The assistant store manager even called my extended warranty company to get answers regarding questions that I had. All in all a very pleasant experience and I would recommend them to everyone."
- Bill G

"Service was wonderful as usual. Steve & the guys are great to work with, answer all of my questions, prioritize future work needed and don't pressure or try to up-sell."
- Kimberly M

"The guys really know how to make u feel important and are very respectful....even when u try and describe the noises your car is making. Im sure they have heard every sound a human being can make when it comes to the noises a malfunctioning car can make. They remember your name and little facts about u They even remembered that i had moved back to Indiana and then moved back here."
- Ginger S

"My long time mechanic of 20 years recently became Lexus exclusive and referred me to H&I for my Toyota transmission issue. H&I was fast, extremely thorough, and friendly. They'll be my new "go to" for vehicle repairs and servicing!"
- Anonymous

"I have been a loyal H&I Automotive customer for over 4 years because they have been loyal to me. It is difficult if not impossible to find a automotive service center that is honest and not in business to rip off the customer. I have known Steve Buchmeier since 2004 when he was the Service Consultant with Sun Pontiac which became Henry Brown GMC. Once he left Henry Brown and joined H&I Automotive, I also left Henry Brown GMC. Steve is honest, loyal to the customer and will suggest other options to repair your vehicle."
- Chuck B

"My long time mechanic of 20 years recently became Lexus exclusive and referred me to H&I for my Toyota transmission issue. H&I was fast, extremely thorough, and friendly. They'll be my new "go to" for vehicle repairs and servicing!"
- Anonymous

"H and I was very thorough. They explained every detail and made recommendations along the way, Absolutely no pressure. Kind and professional. I feel like I have finally found automotive company that I truly trust to work on my vehicles and know that they are doing exactly what they said they would do.. Really, check them out, these guys are for real. You've definitely won my business. Highly recommend!"
- Bill H

"We've been using H&I for 5 or 6 years now, and have been thoroughly pleased with their service. They seem to be keen on technology, and capable in using it to service, and communicate work done and repairs needed."
- Jerry B

"This is the best automotive repair place i ever been 2...I highly recommend this shop to everyone."
- Stanley J

"Fast, friendly and professional, service with a thorough analysis of your vehicles condition. It doesn't get any better than that."
- Terry A

"Chris & Steve are very professional & knowledgeable! They work well w/ their clients and make sure they understand what needs to be done w/ their automobile. I have also found their Mechanics to be knowledgeable & professional as well. My family and I have been treated very well & will certainly keep coming back. Thanks for helping us w/ our automobile needs. We’ll be back!"
- Lynn T

"Reliable, friendly, accommodating( flexible on appointments, and, they arrange for Uber to get me to work on time while car being serviced). These guys have kept my car running in great shape for some time. Never have had any issues."
- Marian S

"A complete checkup was done and repairs prioritized very thorough and honest very much appreciated thank you."
- Fran L

"H & I has been reliable and straight forward. I enjoy there punctuality and willingness to go over any issues your car may have."
- Todd G

"I like seeing the pictures of the parts that require work that needs to be performed. Also a list of future work that needs to be done in the future keeps me mindful of what needs the car has which helps me plan the best care. Thank you for the deal on the brakes. The truck runs and stops like a new car! Take a bow H&I. You earned some praise. I'll recommend you in the future."
- Clint L

"Outstanding customer service. Had my GMC Envoy AC serviced. Steve anticipated that the AC unit might need 2 Lbs of Freon. However when the service was finished, he informed me that the AC Unit did not need more than a pound of Freon and adjusted the cost of repair. I was with Steve when he was with Sun Pontiac on Main street Mesa who then became Henry Brown GMC He left Henry Brown to join H&I Automotive. He will not give you a bunch of BS just to gouge you for more money."
- Charles B

"Spencer and Steve took great care of me and dedicated time to my concerns. Everything was explained in great detail without trying to rush me out the door to get the next car in the bay. Spencer even took the truck on not 1, but 2 drives including a 20 min freeway round trip. It is very rare to have such level of care for your vehicle or your safety from such a repair shop and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who wants Quality repairs done for the life of their vehicle. Why not pay for a piece of mind knowing they truly care about you and your vehicle."
- JD D

"Everybody was nice and friendly. The craftsmanship of the work that got done was very professional."
- Jerry A

"We have been customers of H&I Automotive for more than three years, and highly recommend them without reservation. Their knowledge, skill and abilities are exceptional. Even better, the entire operation is driven by the belief that honesty and integrity matter! We currently have three vehicles maintained by H&I, a ‘95 Camaro Z28, 2013 Chevy Avalanche and 2015 Jeep Wrangler. Each and every vehicle is properly maintained and an electronic record is stored for each. Strong work and an unwavering commitment to excellence, this is our “go to” shop for anything automotive."
- Michael M

"H & I did a thorough and quick job on my Mercedes at a very reasonable price. They informed me of everything that needed to be done and were even able to reset my maintenance message which Mercedes Benz claims can only be done at the dealership. Two giant thumbs up for H & I!!"
- Cindy G

"My first visit and everyone was welcoming and friendly. Their knowledge was and explanations of what they found and how it was corrected was amazing."
- Craig L

"They are exactly what their name (H&I) states. They have Honesty & Integrity! I have been trusting Spencer with my vehicles since shortly after he opened his shop. Nothing but class and attention to detail. It’s very reassuring to have someone in the auto repair industry that I can trust completely."
- Darren M

"Steve the service writer is knowledgeable, friendly and is good to fallow through w/ any concerns that might effect my truck in the future . I have recommended my family to give H&I Automotive a try on their auto needs."
- Lynn T

"The work that was done on our car was done in a timely manner. I feel confident that we will not have any more issues with the car. The staff was great, and I would not hesitate to use H&I again."
- Carol D

"I always get prompt and great service from H & I. They've been servicing my Infiniti for 7 years. They are always professional, courteous and thorough."
- Sharon F

"I had blown the clutch in my car and needed an honest automotive repair company. I went to the Bumper to Bumper Radio Show website searching for honest, competent, ethical repair companies in the East Valley. I selected H&I and sent them an email over the weekend. The contacted me promptly on Monday morning. I was able to get my car to them the next day and repairs were completed by the end of the week. They did a thorough inspection of every system and gave recommendations for additional repairs and maintenance needed on my vehicle. They assisted me in triage of these repairs as I could afford them. My car is running great and as needed, I will return to H&I for all future maintenance and repairs. I highly recommend them if you need an honest and thorough mechanic."
- Kurt L

"After many, many years of questionable auto care services I’ve finally found a facility that evokes full confidence across the full spectrum of what I hope to find when my vehicles need service: honesty, expertise, quality service, communicative and professionalism. You might pay a bit more but between the warranty’s and transparency provided I’ll never go anywhere else as long as I live in AZ. I mean, when is the last time you had an oil change and had your tires rotated too as a standard part of the service? The team is wonderful too, very responsive and patient to those of us that aren’t well-verses in auto functionality. Bonus: Waiting area is always clean (no oil/dirt smudged areas) and fresh cookies baked daily to boot!"
- Raphaela K

"Steve is an awesome guy! He took care of everything and then some. He gave me some advice on some preventative items that I went ahead and took care of. He stands by his work and we will continue to bring our vehicles there."
- George H

"This is my second time trusting H & I with my car and I am again VERY pleased! I was told everything that they would do plus they did several extras as part of their regular inspection. They didn't just change the oil! I was told I needed new filters and was shown them so I could see how dirty they were. Appreciated that! Plus I was sent a detailed inspection review e-mail by the person who worked on my car. Awesome! Friendly and thorough. I will continue to recommend H & I."
- Denise S

"Wow! I brought my car '06 Saturn Ion in to get the a/c recharged hoping at the end of the process I would be leaving with somewhat colder air to drive around in this Arizona heat. To my surprise, not only did I leave there with an a/c blowing ice cold air, I also left with a visual inspection of the rest of my vehicle that was sent to me in a link and pictures of any future repairs that may be needed in the near future. I only paid for the a/c repair and visual inspection is something they normally do with any service they perform. Thank you!"
- Ryan V

"GREAT Service and outstanding detailed outline of work before the job starts and updates as progress on the service is done NO SURPRISES!"
- Ken B

"Couldn’t be happier to have been referred to H&I by a friend - they more than live up to their name with the sound advice of detailing what was needed now vs what could be postponed without concern. Thanks very much and I’m happy to have found a reliable place to work on my 2 GM vehicles!"
- Phil D

"H&I has been truly professional and very customer friendly. They had my car in and out in a speedy and efficient fashion. They proved to be honest and trustworthy and provided excellent service. I will definitely be back. They won't disappoint!"
- Lisa A

"Had my first oil change with them and it went off without a hitch. Chris and Steve explained the process from start to finish."
- Darin F

"Took in my 2002 TBird to get the interior dimmer switch replaced at 10:00am was out by 10:30. Steve and crew are very knowledgeable and professional. It’s a pleasure doing business with them!"
- Joe V

"H&I is the best place I have every taken my cars for service. They are always friendly and helpful in getting your vehicles in great running condition with fair and reasonable price. They stand behind their work."
- Joe C

"I was kept in the loop every step of the way with a very tough job to diagnose by Chris/GM."
- Anonymous

"If you don't care about honesty from an Automotive Service Center, DONT go to H&I Automotive Center, If you don't care about outstanding customer service, DONT go to H&I Automotive Service Center, if you’re not concerned about quality of service, DONT go to H&I Automotive Service Center. However if you really want to get RIPPED OFF in every way imaginable, Run, Don't Walk to the other rip off artists."
- Charles B

"The service was outstanding. It was my first time doing business and the customer service was outstanding and dependable."
- Fred B

"Chris was great, my truck had issues shifting. When I dropped it off it would not do the issue for them. They did a full diagnostic on it and couldn't find anything. When I picked it up they said if it did it again bring it back and there would be no diagnostic fee charged. Well sure enough it happened again. I brought it back and they were able to see it act up it was my shift solenoid. They replaced it and had my truck back to me the same day. The team here is amazing and truly honest. I will recommend anyone going here. They definitely have earned my business."
- Kris O

"I ❤️ you!! Thank you so much to all the guys at this shop. They are awesome and it takes a village to keep my 1997 BMW rolling smoothly. The Mesa and Gilbert shops are easy to work with and very knowledgeable about cars. Over time they have gotten to know my car well and take great care of her. The check engine light was on which prevented me from passing emissions. They fixed her and she passed!! Thank you team H&I!! Highly recommend both locations!!"
- Pam J

"Chris was the one that took my car in he was very thorough and helpful the guys out in the shop were knowledgeable honest and friendly they sent me detailed reports of what could be wrong or not be wrong with my car very thorough shop thank you for the great service."
- Rudy T

"I would recommend H & I Automotive all my friends and family. As many people do, I depend on my automobile for my work. I could not wait two days in order for the dealership to look at my vehicle and have it overnight for repairs. My daughter recommended H & I Automotive so I called that morning to see when they would be able to look at my vehicle and explain my situation. Steve at The Mesa Office, said go ahead and bring the car in as soon as I could and they would take a look at it. Much to my relief I was able to get my car over there shortly after I talk to Steve he looked at the vehicle and told me what needed to be done. H & I Automotive had my car done within two hours. Steve went over all the items that needed to be fixed on my vehicle, as well as sending pictures of the items that were in question and also pictures of the work that they had done. I have never in all the years that I've owned this vehicle had such great service and concern over what needs to be done. I would trust and recommend highly that if you needed anything done to your vehicle go to H & I Automotive."
- Linda F

"I’ve been a customer of H&I Automotive for many years and I won’t take my vehicles anywhere else. I’m loyal to them because of their loyalty to me. The management team and technicians are the best. They listen to the customer and their explanations of the problem is at a level the customer can understand. In addition to outstanding customer service they are honest, I don’t know of any dealer and service center that gives you a 5year parts and labor warranty."
- Charles B

"Found my experience working with you to be of the highest standard of excellence. You were honest and took your time explaining the diagnoses of the car problems. I even received a text message with pictures showing the needed repairs or locations of problems. We found you through YELP and agree with the amazing ratings you have been receiving. We found your prices to be very fair. Thank you again for dedication to fine business service! Will be back again!"
- Lisa A

"I have complete confidence in their ability to accurately diagnos any service and repair any problems with both Toyota trucks I own. They are polite and professional communicating and repairing any issues I have to get fixed. I will recommend this business to anyone needing quality work for their vehicles."
- Tony F

"We have been coming to H&I for about 6 years. Always leave satisfied with the work there has NEVER been a time when they lack attention to detail. Best of all, I always receive a call prior to moving forward on ANY work, no matter how small, I am involved in all decision making."
- Joel L

"I called from out of state to have them fix my daughters car while attending college- they came highly recommended and did not disappoint! Steve and his team were very thorough and most of all very fair! They gave me a written inspection and gave me all the choices. Couldn’t be more impressed and satisfied!"
- Keith B

"Spencer and his team are fabulous! Not only do they do amazing work, but as part of your service they do an in depth inspection of your vehicle and keep track of your upcoming services for you. They also have service programs that provide extended warranties!!"
- Rhonda C

"The mechanic that serviced my 2 Toyota's for 10 years retired, he referred me to this business. He had been friends of the owner of H&I for years. I have had 2 visits to H&I so far. They don't pressure you to have something done that you didn't come in for. They have top notch diagnostic equipment and their mechanics are ASE certified. My 4Runner was due for a new timing belt, while they were doing that, the mechanic saw that one of the freeze plugs on the engine was leaking coolant. He came to the waiting room and brought me out to the shop and showed my the stains on the engine where it had been leaking for quite awhile. I do my own oil changes and top off the coolant in the radiator when necessary. I didn't realize that it was leaking. They sent a guy out to get a new freeze plug and installed it. Glad they saw it, if it blew out when I was 15 miles down a dirt road it would not be drivable to get home. I had the timing belt replaced as a precaution just be be on the safe side. I will be using the shop for all my repairs and maintenance that is beyond my skill level knowing that it will be done right. They guarantee their work and if you do break down, their warranty is covered by most other shops. Good to have that."
- Tony F

"The integrity and kindness of these guys is outstanding! They will go above and beyond to make sure you understand what your vehicle's needs are, and they are the most fair and honest mechanics I have ever worked with!"
- Michelle W

"These people are awesome! I'm a single women and they treat me with respect and honesty. They work we me as I'm on a fixed income and tell me what I should take care of first and what can wait till a later date. I would recommend them to anyone."
- Sharon M

"This family owned auto service makes everyone who visits it feel like they are being taken care of like they are part of their family. Services provided are very professional. Will recommend to everyone I know."
- Bill K

"Spending the season in Casa Grande and needed to get an oil change. Before leaving Ann Arbor MI. I researched BG dealers in the Phoenix area capable of doing a full fluid change on our GMC Denail when we arrived. H&I was listed as a BG dealer. Reviewed their website, was impressed by the strong customer reviews and called for an appt. Spoke with Ryan and knew immediately I had made the right call. EVERYTHING I experienced, from product information to service and follow-up exceeded expectations. In a world of "mediocrity, H&I is a pleasant exception!!!"
- Dawn T

"The service provided at H & I Automotive is top notch! Don't take your car anywhere else"
- Nickie F

"Every place says that they are honest. H&I really means it. I appreciate the terrific customer service, text message updates, and knowing that I am not being oversold. Honesty and Integrity. Thanks!"
- Greg L

"I have trusted this team since 2012 and they are the epitome of Honesty & Integrity as far as I'm concerned. Being a single woman of a certain age, I've had plenty of experience with "Don't worry, little lady, we'll fix everything", only to be handed an almost functional vehicle with a big repair bill. I am so grateful I am treated with dignity and respect at H&I. Thanks guys."
- Gloria C

"A friend told me about H&I, it was so refreshing to go to a mechanic shop (single woman) and be treated as though I had a clew what I was talking about and really listen to me. They never talked down to me and just plain treated me the way we should be treated. They did the work in the amount of time they said they would and charged what they estimated. I highly recommend H&I Automotive for you mechanical needs."
- Jeanette K

"My sister has had great experiences with H&I, I’ve had great experiences with H&I and a good friend I referred to them has had great experiences with H&I. Having been in the wholesale auto parts supply business prior to retirement, H&I is the type of business we sought to partner with."
- Tom G

"This family owned auto service makes everyone who visits it feel like they are being taken care of like they are part of their family. Services provided are very professional. Will recommend to everyone I know."
- Bill K

"Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. We quickly received a thorough estimate. The price was fair. We'll definitely return."
- Mike R

"These gentlemen are the nicest to deal with. They checked our car out today and were very professional about the results of the diagnostic test. I appreciate this type of service and know if I go in to have them check a problem, they aren't going to see how much they can wrack a bill up. H&I Automotive will be recommended to anyone needing their services."
- Jane F

"Took my RAM 2500 in for an alignment after new tires. They were VERY knowledgeable and very professional. They gave plenty of updates on the progress and the before and after link to the actual alignment is outstanding! Looks like I found a new place for the automotive repairs that I can't do!!! Thanks!!"
- John O

"You always go above and beyond to get to the root of the problem no matter how complicated it is. I appreciate that way of doing business. Thanks for always doing a great job and no need to change a thing...:)"
- Camillo B

"Keep doing what your doing. Professional and friendly."
- Jamie I

"The consistency of exceptional service I experience every time I come. From the quality of the work to the courteousness and friendliness of the staff."
- Raphaela K

"My son's car has been neglected for some time, but last month needed acute repairs. Happened to look on Bumper to Bumper site and found H&I was conveniently located. Spoke to Tucker and set up an appointment for the next day. The CV shafts needed replaced and the car was repaired quickly and at what I thought was a reasonable price. (I did call around for quotes) They even provided my son with a loaner car! They also provided a list of recommended repairs in order of severity. They were not pushy, but I had them take care of the first one listed right away. Tucker treated my son and I with respect and patience, which I really appreciated. I think I have found a repair shop I can trust."
- Paul K

"This place is very refreshing. It’s not the normal treat you like a number shop. These guys take the time to get to know their customers and their needs. I was very pleased and happy when I left even though I got a little bad news about my truck. They are very knowledgeable, professional, and down to earth at the same time. I’ll be back at this shop and not because something was done wrong."
- Benjamin D

"My vehicle was running rough and I was worried I would get stranded somewhere in this Arizona heat. They were able to fit me in the same day for a job that was serious and lengthy to repair. Not only did I get my vehicle back the same day but with an incredible warranty. Everyone there was very helpful and polite. I know I was right in bringing my vehicle to them and will continue to return for maintenance and/or repairs."
- Colleen L

"Really enjoy working with the team at H&I Automotive. Have been coming here for years and plan to continue coming here for many more."
- Diane C

"I was treated with respect explaining things I knew nothing about to figure what I needed to do to my car."
- Sharon M

"I’ve been taking my vehicles to H&I for about 5 years now. In addition to regular maintenance, Spencer and his team have gotten me through all kinds of repairs up to and including replacing the motor in my truck, always incredibly communicative throughout the process and making sure any questions I have are thoroughly answered. Tucker and Ryan stay on top of maintenance schedules (I’m a girl, let’s face it, cars are not my strength), and are great company while I’m waiting for my car to be done. Any time I’m asked for a shop for a friend or family member to take their vehicle to, H&I is my immediate go-to, and will continue to be. New or used, I have no intention of taking any vehicle I own anywhere else for maintenance or repairs as long as Spencer has his doors open. Thanks for all your hard work guys!"
- Jessica S

"Great guys! Very honest and reliable. Ryan is very clear on any work to be done. They also will give you a ride home while the work is being done!"
- Rosemary F

"All of the guys here are always super friendly, and make you feel at home. Getting repairs sucks, but they make you feel like your money is well spent and they help you prioritize maintenance needs. Tucker’s always been great to me and my boyfriend whenever we come. I recommend this place to anyone who asks me where to go!"
- Kendra D

"Happy with how quickly we are able to get our vehicle in and no worries once it's been serviced and returned. Always reliable/dependable service."
- Alyson H

Extreme care and high quality. The serviceman up front listened to my concerns and between him and the owner figured out my other issues. They were correct with their diagnostics and the repairs were made
- Erin J

Mark, Tucker, and Spencer were amazing and went above and beyond in helping get my vehicle fixed!! Spencer runs a great shop and I will be taking my vehicle here for now on. I would definitely recommend this shop to family and friends.
- Stephan C

"Good diagnosis of the problem. Repaired the same day. Use of a loaner car."
-Bill C
"Love coming her everyone is always so welcoming and I trust them with my vehicles."
- Sarah F
"How quick everything was done, how everyone worked to get the car done early for me, and How friendly and helpful the staff is."
- Carolyn G
"I wouldn't bring my truck any other place. Spencer and his staff are the best in the Valley and such a pleasure to work with... If you want the best Techs and the best customer service go to H & I..."
- Brian H

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Bumper to Bumper helps a listener diagnose a possible overheating issue with their 2015 Buick Enclave.