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How To Deal With Engine Difficulties | Virginia Auto Service

How To Deal With Engine Difficulties | Virginia Auto Service

There isn’t anything worse for a car owner to hear than the news that their car needs a new engine.  But the truth is sometimes the engine in your car simply dies. While there are things you can do to help keep your engine healthy and your car on the road, it is also important to know what signs might signal trouble ahead. According to the Car Care Council’s website the following are all signs that there may be a problem brewing in the engine.

• Excessive smoke pouring out of the tailpipe

• Using excessive amounts of oil

• Strange sounds like knocking or tapping

• Low oil pressure

• Oil getting into places it shouldn’t be like the air cleaner or radiator

• Low engine compression

• Water in the oil

If any of these problems happen, you need to take the care to your local repair shop immediately to have the engine looked at and any problems addressed. This can make it possible for you to catch a problem early enough that it doesn’t result in having to completely replace the engine.

There are several things that can cause engine problems.

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