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Monday, 14 May 2018 16:00

Automobile Transmission Repair Payson AZ | Payson Arizona Car Truck Transmission Repair

Tri-City Transmission is located just under an hour and a half away from Payson, AZ. Although this may not seem ideal, letting the inconvenience or extra tow charge influence your decision could end up costing you thousands of dollars.

At Tri-City Transmission, if we can fix your car without a costly overhaul or replacement, we will! For over 40 years, the people who come to Tri-City Transmission expecting the worst leave with good news and a bill significantly less than their car payment. We have built a reputation built on quality service and honesty with a number of residents in Northern Arizona. If you're in Payson and are having a problem with your vehicle's transmission, play it safe and visit Tri-City Transmission.

Since you'll be bringing in your car from Payson, AZ, we'll help out by giving you $200 in towing fees with any major repair!

Many neighborhood shops would rather replace a transmission than fix it. It’s not because they’re dishonest – they just don’t know how! At Tri-City Transmission, if we can fix your car without a costly overhaul or replacement, we will. Take a look at what these customers had to say on third-party review web sites:

“I took my car to AAMCO for transmission problems and of course they said I needed a new transmission at $4,000. I took my car in to Tri-City for a second opinion and after a free diagnosis they said what i needed was a solenoid pack at about $500.00”.

“My car I was told had to have my transmission replaced the first quote I received was $6000. I almost had a heart attack. I did not have to have a new transmission -- it was a computer problem. Call them they are #1”.

“…another provider wanted to just sell us a new transmission. These guys diagnosed minor problems, fixed them promptly, saving us thousand of dollars. I would never go anywhere else for a transmission issue”.

“My regular shop gave me the devastating news that the transmission needed to be replaced, at a cost of $2900. However, I came across Tri-City Transmission and decided to let them look at my car for a second opinion. By the end of the day Tri-City called me with the news. ‘We completed the courtesy check, tightened up the radiator fitting, cleaned up a coolant leak, and filled the transmission fluid that was 2 qts low. The codes are gone. That's right... I was low on transmission fluid”.

I was quoted $5000 at another shop and walked out of Tri-city paying for a repair bill of $450”.

Automobile Transmission Repair Payson AZ | Payson Arizona Car Truck Transmission Repair

“Expecting to pay several thousand dollars, I was pleasantly surprised when I was told that the tranny was fine and the source of the problem was a plugged catalytic converter. I shudder to think that a not-so-reputable shop could have discovered the problem, slap an after-market cat on it and then charge me thousands for a "rebuilt" tranny pocketing a hefty profit”.

“After getting a quote from another shop, I decided to get a second one at Tri-City Transmissions. They figured out it was really only a small problem and fixed it for thousands less than I was quoted from the other shop. They could have taken me to the cleaners and I wouldn't have known the difference”.

“A local repair shop told me my daughter's transmission was trashed. The owner said he could put in a rebuild for $2,200 or he would buy it for $500. I took it to Tri-city for a second opinion. It turned out to be a bad sensor -- $50 part”.

“After visiting the dealer and a Honda specialist, both informed me that I needed a new transmission in my Odyssey at around $3,300. Tri-City Trans informed me about a class action lawsuit against Honda specific to the problem I was having. Tri-City Trans and their recommended dealer went to bat for me with Honda Cars of America. The result was a new transmission with Honda picking up 55% of the bill - a savings to me of over $1,600. Tri-City Trans proved that doing the right thing to take care of the customer - despite losing the sale - is the ultimate payoff.”


Third Party Review Sources:

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Zero complaints at the BBB

Automobile Transmission Repair Payson AZ | Payson Arizona Car Truck Transmission Repair

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