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Campus Body Salon has been providing the valley with excellent collision repair services since 1973.

With all the constant change and evolution, they strive to continue to educate their staff, both technical and office, to provide you with not only the very best repairs in terms of fit and finish, but more importantly in terms of safety.

Campus Body Salon has worked hard over the many years to continue to have an excellent reputation with their clients, the community, and their insurance partners. They are proud of the fact that they are a direct repair facility for many major insurers and those relationships are not easy to secure.

Collision Repair

  • I-CAR Gold Class Status
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Complex Repair Process
  • Ethical Business Practice

Beware of the most inexpensive estimate.

We all like to get a good deal. But how motivated should we be when it comes to searching for the least expensive estimate in regard to our vehicle repair? Here is the number one reason why the cheapest estimate is not always the best option.
Outer appearance is one thing. But structural integrity and safety are another. When comparing estimates, be sure that the structural repairs are being addressed properly to insure a safe repair. Many items that appear as if they can be “banged out” compromise the integrity of the metal and therefore will not react correctly in the event that another collision is sustained.

Auto Body & Paint

  • Campus Body Salon Services Tempe AZ | Collision Repair Services Tempe ArizonaHigh Quality Economy Services
  • Advanced Basecoat/Clearcoats
  • Coast to Coast Warranty
  • Quick Turn
  • Around
  • Premier Service Center

Lifetime Nationwide Warranty covers 100% of our paint work.

The difference between a good repair facility and an excellent one is service. Campus Body Salon understands and appreciates that "their clients" are responsible for their success.
Campus has been serving the valley since 1973. There are very few auto body repair and paint facilities in town that can say they have stood this test of time.

Body Work

They make it right.
Has this ever happened to you?
Even the small jobs to them, can feel like a whole world of stress for you. They treat all jobs the same, big or small, and take care of everything they can for you. Their staff is trained to make your experience as hassle free as possible.

The Repair Process

Most people would agree, complex is not always the best way to describe something you're selling. Most scientists will agree that if the process is not complex enough the quality of the process is lost. Their product is a blend of 50-50 Art and Science, so complexity is important. Most people are only concerned with the end result, but if your interested Campus Body Salon has laid it all out for you here.

Campus Body Salon Services Tempe AZ | Collision Repair Services Tempe Arizona

Additional Info

  • Contact: Campus Body Salon
  • Address: 1139 E. Curry Rd.
  • Repair Type: Body, Collision, and Paint
  • City: Tempe
  • Zip Code: 85281, 85287, 85257, 85280, 85285, 85282, 85008, 85251, 85201, 85202, 85034, 85283
  • Phone: (480) 967-4976
  • Web Site:
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