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Bumper to Bumper Radio, the car guys on KTAR, 92.3 FM in Phoenix, AZ, broadcast every Saturday from 11:00 am to noon. On this show, Dave Riccio of Tri-City Transmission in Tempe, AZ and Matt Allen of Virginia Auto Service in Phoenix, AZ talk about what auto repairs you should expect when your car hits 100,000 Miles. Also on this show:

  • You should plan on spending $5000 on auto repairs between 80,000 and 100,000 miles.
  • Manufacturers seems to be making and marketing cars that last till 100,000 miles.
  • Common repairs at 100,000 are timing belts, fuel pumps, radiators, water pumps, motor mounts, shocks, and struts.
  • A Repair or replace calculator is available at .
  • The best used car to buy is your own car.
  • Ignoring car repairs is costly.
  • 2006 Honda Element: Should I get steel or alloy wheels?
  • 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo: After driving car for 70 miles, there was whirring turbine noise. After parking the cars for two hours, it didn't happen again.
  • 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt: Vibration in steering wheel. Mechanic says it might be a wheel out of balance.
  • 2002 Nissan Pathfinder with 150,000 miles. I'm going to change the timing belt. What else should I change at that time?
  • 1998 Mercedes. When I come to a stop, it goes out of gear. Then it slams back into gear when I start.  I filled the transmission fluid.
  • 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 72,000 miles. Getting oil seepage. Dealer estimates $11,000 to repair leaking main seal. What else can I replace while doing this?
  • 2005 Toyota Camry with 170,000 miles. Quotes $1,200 to replace motor mounts. Can I replace two at a time?
  • 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier. Car will not cold start.
  • 2012 Volkswagen Tijuana. Breaks are squealing. Dealer says foreign breaks are made differently and always squeal more to some extent.
  • 2007 Toyota Camry with 35,000 miles: Is it millage or time that determines upcoming repairs?

Cars talked about on this show are the 2006 Honda Element, 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt, 2002 Nissan Pathfinder, 1998 Mercedes, 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2005 Toyota Camry, 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier, 2012 Volkswagen Tijuana, and the 2007 Toyota Camry.


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