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Bumper to Bumper Radio, the car guys on KTAR, 92.3 FM in Phoenix, AZ, broadcast every Saturday from 11:00 am to noon. On this show, Dave Riccio of Tri-City Transmission in Tempe, AZ and Matt Allen of Virginia Auto Service in Phoenix talk about how a bad transmission service is worse than having no service done at all. Also on this show:

  • The types of symptoms that come from a subpar transmission service.
  • What the differences are between different types of transmission fluids.
  • Is there a risk of servicing a high mileage vehicle that has never been serviced before?
  • Which parts most transmission failures are related to specifically.
  • Are there certain makes that recommend transmission services more than others?
  • How does a bad battery affect your transmission?
  • 2014 GMC Acadia: At 60k miles, I’ve noticed a shudder in my vehicle. Could this be transmission related?
  • 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid: On warmer days, it takes some time for my AC fan to come on. What could be the cause of this?
  • 2007 Cadillac Escalade: Should I expect a new oil filter with every oil change?
  • 1986 Monte Carlo: After replacing the motor, my car overheated and I noticed a rust colored liquid. After replacing the coolant, I still had issues. Any advice?
  • 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt: This car has been unable to start, even though all other components seem fine. Is this an ignition switch issues?
  • 2001 Chevrolet Express Van: Is there anywhere that still does CNG conversion?

Cars talked about on this show are the 2014 GMC Acadia, 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid, 2007 Cadillac Escalade, 1986 Monte Carlo, 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt, and the 2001 Chevrolet Express Van.

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