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Long-Term Reliability Car Quality Index for Automobiles

Long-Term Quality Index | Car Make Model Reliability Steve Lang Nick LariviereDesigned by Steve Lang and Nick Lariviere, the Long-Term Quality Index aims to give the average car buyer better insight on long-term reliability when it comes time to purchase a car. By using real-world used automobile data, the buyer is provided with a way to compare different years, makes, and models based on reliability data taken from vehicles that have been traded in. The Long-Term Quality Index focuses on powertrain issues, and the distribution of automobiles by mileage.

You're able to get a better understanding of your potential automobile lifespan by taking a look at these mileage distribution chart. In these mileage charts, the blue curve with the darker background represents the average distribution of cars (across all makes and models in our database). Many models have a similar distribution of automobile, which represents a normal distribution of automobile (most cars are in the middle range of mileage, between 120,000 and 180,000 miles).

Some cars have a similar shape, but are positioned farther to the right or left than the typical distribution, which represents either a larger distribution of low-mileage automobile (farther to the left), or higher-mileage cars (farther to the right). Newer models will obviously have most of their vehicles with low miles, while defunct models will generally have higher-mileage vehicles. Generally (but not always), a heavy concentration of automobiles in one area (a peak on the curve) is an indication of issues with that model.

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