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Introducing the World's First ALL-ELECTRIC SUPERTRUCK at Earnhardt Buick GMC | Unveiling the GMC Hummer EV

Introducing the World's First ALL-ELECTRIC SUPERTRUCK at Earnhardt Buick GMC | Unveiling the GMC Hummer EV

MESA, Ariz., Oct. 15, 2020 -- The SuperDuty truck world is about to change with the introduction of the first all-electric Supertruck. The 2021 GMC Hummer EV lives up to its historic nameplate by claiming the highest power ratings in the class. The Earnhardt Hummer Reservation Center expects to log its first reservations as soon as GMC gives the go-ahead on Oct. 20.

"As the first all-electric pickup truck on the market, the GMC Hummer EV represents a huge leap in capability as well as a crowning achievement: zero emissions," said Brad Gunlikson, General Manager of Earnhardt Buick GMC in Mesa.

"The future is here," Kurt Stewart, General Manager of Earnhardt GMC Las Vegas, added. "There is no longer a question of when or where the first electric pickup truck will appear or when it will be capable of taking over from its gas-powered counterparts. No other pickup truck generates as much power as the new GMC Hummer EV."

Hummer EV drivers will command 1000 horsepower and 1150 pound-feet of torque. That's, at least, double the horsepower of its rivals. The remarkable rate of torque is 100 pound-feet higher than the closest diesel-powered Super Duty truck.

Off-roading capability is a hallmark of the GMC Hummer EV as it was for the original Humvees. The ability to harness the high rate of torque at low speeds will help it with slow-speed crawls. Today's modern technology allows for advanced settings such as adrenaline mode and crab mode.

"Defying gravity, the new GMC Hummer EV will be the only pickup truck that can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in 3 seconds," said Gunlikson.

"And there are many other reasons that drivers will find it exciting to be behind the wheel," Stewart said. "This is also the first GMC truck with an Open Air Infinity Roof and the first vehicle ever with Unreal Engine software by Epic Games."

Four modular roof panels will allow the new Hummer owner to turn the electric pickup truck into an open-air vehicle. The overall style certainly reflects the vehicle's Humvee roots, but GMC ingenuity has rendered it thoroughly contemporary, inside and out.

All digital interfaces, including the entertainment touch screen, have been built using the flexible software that Epic Games uses for such big hits as Fortnite. The systems will be faster, graphics will be photorealistic, and visual effects will be used more creatively. This human-machine interface initiative was the perfect match-up for the many advances in digital hardware spurred by the Hummer's electrification.

Hummer enthusiasts from Phoenix, AZ, to Las Vegas, NV, can use the Earnhardt Hummer Reservation Center to stake their claim to this game-changing Supertruck. To learn more, contact Earnhardt Auto Centers at (888) 820-3377.


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