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How to Choose the Best Auto Body Shop In Tempe AZ | Campus Body Salon

How to Choose the Best Auto Body Shop In Tempe AZ | Campus Body Salon

Never ever is a collision fun to get into. And never has it been any less stressful to find out where to take the damaged vehicle then. It is essential to get the vehicle repaired from a reputable auto body shop that knows exactly what to do with it.

Arizona gets to see accidents on a regular basis, which often result in major vehicle damage. For these to function properly again, you must land the right auto body repair shop.

Selecting the right auto body repair shop

In such a scenario, insurance companies might suggest you some auto body shops Tempe AZ. Nevertheless, selecting the best shop for repairing your vehicle is always up to you. Insurance companies usually recommend the shops they are associated with. The discount offers by these shops might lure you, but what you get is either used or generic parts, or after-market parts that cost you less.

On the contrary, reputable collision repair shops like Campus Body Salon use original manufacturer equipment (OME) parts that fit and function well. OME parts are relatively safe too.

Things to look for in a good repair shop

Here are the four major things that will help you identify the right auto body repair Tempe AZ shop for your vehicle’s repair:


Talk to your family and friends to learn about the shop they go to, what worked for them and what not.


Ensure that the technicians have the required certification such as ASE or I-CAR.


Look for online reviews using keywords like “auto body repair Tempe AZ” or “auto body shops near me”. Going through the reviews will help you understand what kind of service they provide.


See if the shop offers a warranty on their service or the parts they use. A trustworthy shop never fails to do that.


You must always take an informed decision when it comes to choosing the best of all auto body shops Tempe AZ. What’s most important is use of OME parts and delivery of repair service in a timely manner. If you choose to save money at the cost of low quality repair service, your money eventually goes into waste. Therefore, you must choose a body repair shop that uses best quality parts even if it costs you a penny or two extra.

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