Hybrid Car and Automobile Repair at Automotive Diagnostic Specialties

Automotive Diagnostic Specialties is your headquarters for cutting edge auto repair in Chandler AZ. Their staff uses over 100 years of combined experience and the most advanced computerized diagnostics equipment and software to bring your vehicle back to its prime condition. This approach to automotive repair leads to an experience of unparalleled quality in vehicle maintenance.

Unrivaled quality and exceptional service has led Automotive Diagnostic Specialties to provide certain services that few other shops can boast. This includes the option of custom performance enhancing computer chips for your vehicle. By programming specific instructions into your engine, ADS can increase power, torque and overall drive-ability. Be sure to ask about their high performance chips and they will be glad to go over what they can do for you.

Hybrid cars and trucks clearly aren’t the same as ones that run solely on fuel, and hybrid vehicle repairs and hybrid vehicle diagnostics aren’t the same either.

At the state-of-the-art Automotive Diagnostic Specialties facility in Chandler, ADS has all of the tools necessary for electric vehicle diagnostics and hybrid motor diagnostics so that they repair your vehicle quickly and properly – the first time. Their ASE Certified technicians are experts in hybrid motor repair, including HEV battery system troubleshooting.

Need hybrid vehicle repair or hybrid vehicle maintenance?

ADS is happy to help you get back on the road and thank you for doing your part to care for the environment.

Automotive Diagnostic Specialties Hybrid Repair AZ | Chandler Arizona Hybrid Auto Repair ShopHybrid Car Maintenance

Hybrid cars and electric vehicles actually require essentially the same maintenance as fuel-powered vehicles despite their obvious differences. Be sure to have your hybrid’s engine oil changed at regular intervals and your transmission flushed. Bring your vehicle into ADS and get the help you need to keep your hybrid car in great running shape! Hybrid battery charging is also available! See ADS today to use their charging stations!

The Biggest Difference in Hybrids: The Battery

Because hybrid vehicles run on fuel AND battery power (hence the term hybrid) this means that the battery in a hybrid plays a larger role than in a fuel-powered vehicle. Special diagnostic and repair techniques are required to troubleshoot hybrid battery issues and make repairs. ADS has both the techniques and the tools to help with all of your hybrid needs, including:

Hybrid Battery Testing and Repair

  • HEV Battery Repair
  • HEV Diagnostics
  • HEV Battery Replacement
  • Hybrid Battery Reconditioning

ADS is a AAA approved auto repair shop, and recipient of AAA's "Top Shop" Award. Call to schedule your service at (480) 961-8704 or visit them in Chandler.

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