Tri-City Transmission Specials

As a family-owned business, Tri-City Transmission has been providing complete transmission service and repair in the Phoenix, Arizona, area since 1972. They truly are the transmission experts in Arizona. They repair or replace over 200 transmissions per month, or 2400 transmissions per year. Transmissions are all they do and the do them well.

Dave Riccio, an Arizona native, and co-host of Bumper to Bumper Radio, is the owner of Tri-City Transmission. A self-professed gearhead, he began his career over 20 years ago selling tires and has remained involved and active in the auto repair industry ever since. Dave’s talent with people as well as cars is a business combination that has served him and his clients well.

$98 Buys Peace of Mind With a Level One Diagnostic

Not sure if you need transmission service or not? Maybe everything seems to work well, but want the extra peace of mind from knowing for sure? Our $98 Level One Diagnostic may be just what you're looking for. This service include:

  1. Tri-City Transmission Shop Repair Tempe Phoenix AZ SpecialsCheck transmission fluid lever & analyze condition
  2. Short road test to check shift quality, shift pattern, torque converter operation, verify overall transmission performance observing transmission data stream on scan tool for irregularities
  3. Initial support the vehicle in the air for external transmission leak checks
  4. Scan & record all diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s)
  5. Battery and charging system test
  6. Minor search of problem data bank if needed

The Tri-City Transmission Diagnostic Process always starts here. 80% of all concerns are answered with a Level One diagnostic procedure. After completing a level one diagnostic procedure we will either know the answer to the problem or know if any further in-depth diagnostic is needed. Our diagnostic procedure always starts as Level One, no major disassembly or any commitment is placed with the customer other than their time without the vehicle. Tri-City Transmission will always contact the customer if any additional levels of diagnostic are necessary before spending any of the customer’s money.