H & I Automotive Gilbert Testimonials

H&I Automotive Testimonials AZ | H and I Automotive Reviews Gilbert Arizona
H&I Automotive Testimonials AZ | H and I Automotive Reviews Gilbert Arizona

Since 2009, H & I Automotive in Gilbert, AZ has provided the region with top-quality automotive repairs and detailing. They dedicate themselves to providing the best service at affordable rates for all makes and models of vehicles. Owner, Spencer Doucet is a GM World-Class Technician, Infiniti Master Technician who will ensure your vehicle is repaired correctly the first time.

What People Are Saying About H & I Automotive

"They are the best shop around here. I am from the east coast and I have tried to find a shop that is like my MaPa shop back there. I have looked for 8 years going to different places and not liking them. I finally found one with H&I. They know my cars they treat me, my wife, and daughter Like humans, not a dollar figure. My daughter is very comfortable going there with her are without me and telling them the issue and she is not a car person AT ALL and they understand her and tell her the issue, for her to understand. Those are the type of people you want working on your cars. THE ONES WHO MAKE IT SAFE FOR YOU FAMILY AND STAND BEHIND."
- Anonymous

"When you first walk in the door the place is very clean. The service guy are friendly, polite and very professional. My wife and felt very comfortable. Never got this type of service at a dealership. If you need auto repair drive, run, walk, ride in the tow truck, but go to H&I Automotive."
- Dale Y

"I have found them to be honest and straightforward and their Communications. The repairs so far have been on point and on time. I will certainly continue to use them which is evidenced by the fact that I purchased a used car and the first place I took it was to them to have some repairs done and diagnostic work."
- Bill M

"H&I was great to do business with. They quoted me for an oil change over the phone and the price was what I paid. They did exactly what they said they were going to do. They did not try to up-sell me on anything my car didn't need. I appreciate them having the honesty and integrity as their name implies. Thanks, I will be back for more service for sure!"
- Anonymous

"I took my car to H& I a couple of months ago. Their front desk people, John and Brian, are very knowledgeable and believe in customer service first. What I like is that they document EVERYTHING. They document what your problem was, what the solution was, what the mechanic did, and finally the price. It is all documented in 3-4 pages. They also guarantee much of their work for 5 years or 60,000 miles. Very few shops do that. In my opinion, five stars or 10 stars to H&I Automotive."
- Clancy S

"I really appreciate the way H&I automotive does business. After inspecting my vehicle they sent a detailed report of all that was found. I called to clarify and also approve everything. When I pick up the car the bill includes suggestions for future repairs or follow up needed. Everyone was pleasant and professional. Great place to do business."
- Maureen G

"It's nice to find a place that does quality work at a decent price. This is my new go to place. My truck drives like brand new, thanks guys appreciate it."
- Dan K

"My GMC Yukon had a check engine light and a couple error codes come up this week. They checked it out and it was just some connections. Since they had serviced the vehicle a few months ago, there was no charge. I'm very happy with their level of service, knowledge and honesty."
- Monica T

"I recently had my car serviced and everything was great. Ryan was very efficient in checking me in and then called me to discuss the problems that needed to be fixed. When the car was finished Ryan sent me the bill online and it was very easy to pay online. I have a lot of confidence in H & I and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone."
- Karla M

"Service is Great! They are very fair and honest."
- Brenda O

"First time in. Had a break problem. Jon helped me get checked in. Told me they would get to it that day. Called and went over the issues, ordered parts, and had it done at the agreed to time. Very professional and friendly."
- David T

"Eloquent friendly service in a helpful advisor, Jon O. Nice job on the format/coding on inspection report. Bryan was a tech to brag to acquaintances about. Thank you for providing water. The 'free' carwash at a dealership will cost you at least 100 clams. I trust your methods, therefore I trust your business."
- Anonymous

"After taking my truck to a different shop and having nothing but problems and needing to take it back because of crappy work.....I decided to use H&I. I was very impressed with how friendly they were. They also performed an inspection which rated repairs as suggested, recommended, and required. On that list... everything was optional. They did not try to upsell or coax you into performing a repair. After taking it to the other shop who supposedly inspected my breaks.... H&I found my rear breaks to be out of tolerance and one of the pads were cracked. This info was relayed via a picture taken and documentation provided next to the image. I am very thankful to H&I because my truck hauls my family around and now I feel safer and have faith my vehicle will perform as expected after a visit and repairs done by H&I."
- Chris H

"I brought my Truck in for an oil change and tire rotation. I had an appointment and they took my truck back at my appointment time so I did not have to wait a long period of time for them to do that and they we're done with it 30 mins later. I would definitely recommend them."
- Doug W

"First time customer. The initial inspection and diagnostic was thorough and complete. The issues I went in for were addressed and they gave me a no pressure list of items to keep an eye on or eventually address. The staff is professional, knowledgeable and skilled. I will be back."
- Ryan C

"H and I serviced my 2017 Toyota Tundra today and the experience was positive and good work was done, thanks again."
- Anonymous

"This is an amazing place with great people. Had an Intermittent starting issue with my truck and they found the problem quickly and fixed it and didn’t try to pull some shady stuff and sell me other parts I don’t need. I came here Monday morning frustrated on the phone with my friend and Ryan came over immediately to see what was wrong and he listened to me and got to work on it right away. Kept in touch the whole process through as well. If your tired of chain mechanic shops come here."
- Kyle O

"These folks are trustworthy and dependable. Something you need in an auto repair shop."
- Jim M

"Towed the Jeep in because the clutch was burned out and H&I replaced the clutch and fixed other needed repairs with percision. Now the Jeep runs perfectly."
- Susan K

"Great customer service and great mechanics. I will always bring my vehicle to H&I."
- Drew T

"First time using this auto repairs facility. Totally impressed......Got a quick appointment for a check engine light. In addition to correcting the code issue, they performed a complete vehicle inspection with text and photos. They also provided a detailed quote for all items listed. As this is an old car, weekend driver, everything they reported was accurate and reasonably priced. Ryan could not be more helpful and knowledgeable. Looks like I just found a favorite garage where I will be taking all of my vehicles."
- Pat S

"This place has never failed us. We have taken 5 cars there for everything from basic service to engine work and always get straight forward communication and prices up front. They are always honest and true. Thank you guys!"
- Chris K

"Great, friendly service. My service was completed in a very timely manner and the entire process was flawless. Communication and ability to pay from my phone was very convenient. I will be back."
- Peter R

"Very happy with H&I. Friendly, honest and fair. Will continue to utilize H&I for my automotive needs."
- Jeff C

"I'm really glad they opened up close to my home. They have done work on both of our cars and have done a great job. They are excellent at communication as well. They tell is straight forward and give me the option."
- Holly B

"As someone who had been a Master Auto Tech which makes it hard to trust others to work on my vehicles this was my 3rd time having H&I help me with 1 of my cars. Every time they've been courteous and professional and most importantly down to earth. Ryan, Drew and John are who I interacted with and they made it a positive experience again."
- Barry W

"I am very pleased with the service and the staff at H&R. They are very accommodating, getting me into an appointment when I needed it pretty quick. They are honest and upfront on costs and what does need to be done and what can be delayed. Jeff the service man John the manager upfront were both very friendly and pleasing to work with."
- Dave G

"I can’t say enough good things!! First of all can I just say that they are so friendly. This makes a huge difference because you immediately trust their integrity and never ever feel that they are taking advantage of you. They take pictures of everything which is awesome and then explain things so that you can understand. Prompt and courteous and keep you in the loop if it takes longer than expected."
- Christa M

"H&I Automotive has been our go-to local shop since it opened. The service is always honest and friendly. I just brought in my Highlander due to a metallic grinding noise coming from the front passenger wheel. I was expecting a major fix and it came back that a rock was stuck behind a metal plate. It was fixed quickly and the cost for the repair was excellent. I take both my vehicles for all repairs and maintenance items that are non-warranty in nature."
- Pat Z

"Every time I have brought a car down here they are very honest and up front what the process is. It’s very hard to find a place you trust working on a vehicle. I have had 3 different cars worked on and every time I drove away I was 100% pleased on the honestly and timely way they took care of My vehicles, I plan using them for a long time!"
- Michael C

"For the past few years we have find H & I to be very professional, Knowledgeable, Caring, Cost Effective, and personal. We just cannot say enough good things about these wonderful people. We sure appreciate all of the great care they provide for our three vehicles."
- Gene R

"I want to thank Ryan and John and all the great mechanics. It's awesome to have found this place. Everyone has been professional and knowledgeable. No BS comes with this place. They let you know what they have found, and then it's your decision on what you want them to fix or you do on your own. I appreciate their honesty and I will continue to trust them with my vehicles."
- Drew T

"I needed an oil change and I thought my brake rotors in my Ford F150 were warped. H & I Automotive had previously resurfaced the rotors for the same warpage, and they were not certain they could do it again, but would give it a try Well, bottom line is they gave it a try and it worked again, and I don’t have to replace my rotors for another 12,000 to 15,000 miles. Now, that his honesty and integrity, and why I will continue to get my Ford F150 serviced at H & I Automotive."
- Dave B

"These guys are amazing! If you need it done right go see them."
- Richard F

"I took my older Tahoe in to get the window fixed. Unfortunately do to no ones fault, it took a little longer than expected. John kept me updated every step of the way. I like how they give you a detailed report on your car, but don’t push you to fix the issues. The waiting area was very clean as was the area around the building. It was a very pleasant experience overall and I will definitely be bringing my vehicle back."
- Anonymous

"My wife's GMC Terrain had a Stabilizer issue light on as well as a general warning light. We brought it to H & I and they hooked the car up to determine what the warning lights indicated. They found 30 error codes coming up. They explained the options to diagnose the issues and we felt they were very appropriate. I realized some shops would attempt to address the problem by trial and error at replacing components. Of course that can really run up a bill. However, they ask to keep the vehicle overnight so they could look at it further. They found some wet and corroded leads in the wire harness. They cleaned them up and the problem went away and the car has been running great ever since. They basically charged me a small diagnostic fee for their time and that was it. I really recommend this shop which has restored my faith in having a reliable honest mechanic. They are the only place I will bring our cars now."
- Randy G

"Ryan answered all my questions with knowledge and without hesitation. He had the pictures and diagnostic results to support this information that he willing shared with me. Had my vehicle in and out with a full spectrum of items I needed addressed and others which were not as important at this time. I was able to pick and choose the ones to be repaired. Great service. Highly highly recommend."
- Michael R

"I was met by Ryan who he would call after a diagnosis was done. He called a couple of hours later and described a failure of drivers side wheel bearing. They would be replacing the bearing then test driving to see if new bearing fixed the noise problem.. It did and that there was no need at present time to replace the other side bearing. Very good not to be oversold on unnecessary repairs. A five year 60,000 mile warranty instills confidence in the quality of parts and repairs. I was given a ride home by an owner of the company who was genuinely interested in how I found this shop and in what my experience with their service was. Everything about my experience was very good."
- George L

"Having recently bought a vehicle for my son, it was, like many used vehicles, in need of some repairs. First and foremost was a driveline vibration. After having another shop quote me for many parts which were unrelated to the issue, I took the car to H&I where I was given an honest assessment of the issue, and now have a vehicle I feel great about handing off to my child that I know drives safe and reliably. The repair was fast and budget friendly, and I couldn’t be happier with the communication from Ryan during the process. I will definitely be returning with my personal car, and highly recommend this shop."
- Brian S

"Over the years I’ve been disappointed by many local and dealer repair shops. Over priced and underperforming. Not H&I. These guys go out of their way to do things fairly and right. I think I’ve found a “home” for my cars."
- Keith K

"My jeep was running rough. I took it to H&i and they diagnosed the injector problem. Fixed everything and it runs as good as new. The estimate given to me was exactly what they charged me at the end. Prompt service and friendly staff. I will definitely continue to use them."
- Tom B

"H&I Auto is amazing!! Our first experience with them and we will not go anywhere else. Excellent communication, easy options for vehicle pick up and drop off, gave options for repairs that needed immediate attention and options that could be done later. Very thoughtful to cost of work. Loved receiving the vehicle inspection online with photos. Recommend these guys!"
- Anonymous

"I loved bringing my car into here. They fixed it within 24 hours and did excellent work. They gave me a complete run down of things i needed fixed and i greatly appreciate it."
- Anonymous

"I appreciate H & I for their customer service and workmanship while taking care of my 2012 Camry, Jon was awesome to deal with and went above and beyond by warranting my battery, I will continue to recommend H & I to anyone that needs a good auto shop, thanks again."
- Charles M

"Some people say it’s hard to find a good automobile mechanic, but I just tell them go to H & I Automotive and you’ll have outstanding service from honest people."
- Dave B

"H&I consistently live up to their name and really know how to provide excellent service."
- Holly S

"First visit for our 3rd family car for its H&I Basic oil change and inspection. Oil change and inspection Work performed as expected and at a good price. I don't have to worry that anything was overlooked or parts were messed up in the process."
- Paul J

"Best experience I've had at an auto repair shop. They went over everything that needed done and made recommendations as to what should be done immediately and what could possibly wait until a later date. Their honesty is greatly appreciated."
- Clinton H

"Went to the Gilbert location on a recommendation from a friend. So glad I did! Ryan at the front desk walked me through every step of the process, called me with updates, and texted me the most concise car inspection I had EVER gotten...with pictures! They fixed my check engine light issues (bad O2 sensor and failing catalytic converter) and got my Nissan back to me the same day! Thanks so much!"
- Matthew D

"These guys are awesome, great feed back to what is needed now and what can wait. I truly appreciate their candor."
- Peter B

"I appreciate the honesty that I got today. I could have been charged for more work if I were at another shop but these guys we’re not going to do extra work if they could not find a reason to."
- Clint D

"These folks are the real deal. They answer the phone when you call, they pay attention to what you have to say, and they do their best to fit your budget. They are truly honest and fair. They keep you informed every step of the way with pictures and a full vehicle report. They are incredibly easy to do business with and they have earned my full trust."
- David L

"Had my old 2007 GL 450 Mercedes truck over at H&I for servicing. I was pleased by the detail in their communication. They keep updated with what the problem is with pictures making it easy to follow. Their pricing is competitive as well. Overall I am pleased with their work and professionalism. I used to drive all the way to north Mesa to service the truck after the warranty expired. Now I won’t have to do so anymore. They are down to earth and easy to talk with. They take into account what is important to you and adjust their work to what your preference is rather than trying to force something on you that you don’t need. Overall I am pleased with the quality of their work, their communication(frequent text messages) to update you of process and their straight up professionalism. Jon and his associate Randy(not quite certain of his name) were awesome. Highly recommend H&I."
- Collins A

"They found the problem with my truck that had stumped other establishments. Very professional and great with keeping me updated on the progress. First time and now life long customer."
- Chris J

"Had a great first experience to H&I. Clean shop, professional employees, prompt repair. I love that they take pictures to show you the scope of their work. They prioritized my needed repairs too so I wasn’t hit with a gigantic bill, but rather some repairs I could plan for. I will definitely be back for future service. Thanks guys!"
- Anonymous

"I have been talking my car there for about a year and I have always had a great experience. The staff are extremely nice and professional. What I really appreciate is they always take the time to explain the details and will definitely not sell you something you do not need."
- Nicole Z

"This was my first experience at H and I Automotive. I found both John and Ryan to be helpful. The communications were excellent,. They were able to find my problem and repairs were made. They also made several good recommendations which I will need to follow up on."
- Barb M

"Our Ford F-150 had a turbocharger failure, not an inexpensive repair. Jon at H&I gave us all the repair options available to fit our needs. They explained every detail. They performed a complete inspection to let me know the total condition of my vehicle in addition to the core problem. Here’s the kicker, nothing else was broken or had to be fixed right now. Let that sink in for a minute. I didn’t have transportation from their shop, so they provided it. They did a awesome job, my truck runs great. They didn’t know it at the beginning, but I have spent my entire adult life in the car business, so I kinda knew they weren’t blowing any smoke. Straight up best experience I have had at any Automotive Service Shop."
- Nancy B

"A friend refer me to H & I Automotive! Very professional, takes the time to go over all the issues I had with my car. Very prompt with getting my car back in the bay to get the work done. I was please with H & I’s communication at the beginning to the finish repair. H & I also did a complete inspection/ rotation of ties. I also had a little fender problem they fixed it and looks great and they did not even charge me!! I finally found a company that I can trust to do the work on my car , and at a great price!!! Car problems give me anxiety!"
- Gloria S

"Great fast service as always. Definitely my go to shop for any needs friendly staff."
- Julian K

"I went to H & I after going to AutoZone and being told that I needed a new alternator. When I dropped off the car I informed the H & I service department of the reported alternator issue. They immediately got my car in for a Monday morning appointment and stored it indoors over the weekend and then offered me a ride home. That Monday I received a call to inform me that they had checked the cars charging system with multiple sets of equipment and the issue was just that I needed a new battery, of which I had replaced with no questions asked, this included a 5 Yr warranty. H & I could have easily charged me for an alternator and just replaced to battery, but instead they were honest and only fixed what was required. They have earned my future business for sure!"
- Anonymous

"Always listen to my concerns. Send pictures and fully describe in plain English what needs to be done and why. They keep me informed through the whole repair process. Their honest and friendly staff make you feel welcome. Kudos to Steve and Spencer for maintaining such high ethics in a business that does not always have a great reputation. Keep up the good work!"
- Denny B

"These guys at H and I are awesome not only did they give me an a military veterans discount without even me bringing it up but they also went above and beyond to find the issues with my vehicle and fix them for me at a very reasonable timeframe and in a very professional manner they are a very very good crew and I will always return for any work on any of my vehicles in the future thanks guys for being so awesome."
- Michael D

"So impressed with H and I. They are personable, friendly, and most importantly did a great job fixing my car!!! I highly recommend them!"
- Dawn C

"Extremely pleased with the service and quality of work completed on my BMW. From booking the appointment - to completed service, i was beyond pleased with their service, professionalism and friendliness! I will definitely be back in the future!"
- Deann W

"After shopping around, I found the pricing to be very competitive! John is very knowledgeable and promptly provided a detailed quote. Their guys completed a full brake job(both axles) and an oil service on my Audi in under four hours. The shop is clean, well equipped and run professionally."
- Lyndon A

"I’m sure this is a one off type of situation but I was supposed to call and make an appointment to get my wife’s truck fixed the other day. Instead I ended up in the ER in pretty bad kidney pain. My wife doesn’t drive stick so she can’t drive my car. She calls to make an appointment for later in the week explaining our current situation. They awesome people at H & I not only went and picked up the truck that day they returned it after fixing it. They really went above and beyond to help us in a trying situation. I will never take my vehicles anywhere else."
- Marshall A

"Great experience from start to finish... as a single female, I don't know cars and fear getting taken advantage of because of my naivete... the guys at H&I were super helpful and friendly, gave me an EXTENSIVE report on every aspect of my vehicle with numerous photos and status of individual components... very high-tech... NO high pressure sales or up-selling... I highly recommend H&I and will only service my car there in the future... Ive already told friends about them! Facility is clean and modern, too! Best of all they were the cheaper than all other quotes I'd received. 5 stars all the way! Thanks!!"
- Kristi L

"Excellent experience bleeding of the brakes on our Hyundai Sonata, and willingness to attempt a very knowable repair. The final repair diagnoses became a cost prohibitive repair for this age of vehicle, it did give us the ability to access our options moving forward. The staff and repair technicians seem second to none."
- Ray F

"This group of very talented and customer oriented individuals continue to impress me. They are very customer oriented and know what they are doing when it comes to diagnosing problems and making only the necessary repairs."
- Dave B

"I had a voucher for an oil change and tire rotation. Ryan explained the process, Jon gave me a heads up on timing when I made the appointment, and they were accurate. I saw the tire light as I drove in, but didn't say anything, wondering if they would catch it. They did, and said they would fix it unless I had a warranty with it, which I did so I was able to make appt to get it fixed same day with warranty place. They gave me a little thank you note with mints and a referral card and a drink koozie, sent me home with a goodie bag bigger than the dentist!"
- Lori S

"I can trust H & I to do an outstanding job each and every time. They go through the vehicle and show me pictures of the items that need to be attended to and what doesn’t, which helps me prepare for future repairs. Thanks again for your thoroughness."
- Andy L

"Customer service took the time to listen to my concerns. A repair I thought was necessary at another place became optional unless the noise became a nuisance. I was grateful for their honesty."
- Lisa M

"I took our RV in for a transmission flush and to have the ac recharged. As always great customer service. This is the cleanest shop I have ever seen. They performed the services with great professionalism and care. I highly recommend this company for any of your automotive needs."
- John A

"Great service and I especially like it that they can take photos to show you what areas need repair. Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. Jon is my service rep and very helpful. Excellent service and knowledgeable service reps. I would recommend H&I Automotive to everyone."
- Carol V

"This was my second visit for my troublesome 2006 Civic. The guys were quick to diagnose the noises it was making, make recommendations, fix it and take care of another problem. They even called back to make sure they hadn't overlooked putting in a new belt I'd requested. Honest, up front, and I like the way they document everything - statements and pictures. It'll be a big help when I put the car up for sale. Thanks guys!"
- Doreen H

"I was referred by a friend who said they had a great experience there. From the time that I called needing my car towed there - to the explanations of the things my car needed, everyone was very professional and caring. I had verbal explanations is what was wrong along with links to view the reports with images. I did not feel taken advantage of, being a female and not really knowing anything about cars. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is needing automotive work done."
- Denise L

"Watched the new Gilbert H&I facility being built and figured it was just another run of the mill auto repair shop. However, I listen to KTAR 'Bumper to Bumper' radio each Saturday and kept hearing their praises being sung. So, when my truck battery gave up the ghost I figured I'd give them a try. I immediately was impressed at the attention they paid to me when I walked in and their up front pricing at what it would cost to get me back on the road. True to their word, they completed the work quickly and exactly for the amount they had quoted. At no time did they try to upsell me on any additional services which I really appreciated. I'm not one that usually writes reviews but in this case I thought it important to share my positive experience with others."
- Roger N

"Ryan and Cody did a great job with my truck yesterday. Greatly appreciate the work men."
- Craig F

"Wow! First time taking my car to a shop and I didn’t need a shower afterwards. They we so unbelievably professional and put tons of nice little touches on the experience. Jon listened and asked good questions when i dropped the car off. Kept me up to date on the progress with text messages and phone calls. Price came in lower than I had expected. When I picked up the car they gave me a good explanation of what they did and when I questioned them about a few other things they were super honest and didn’t try to sell me work that didn’t need to be done. They put a little flashlight keychain on for me and gave me a rewards card and explained the 5 year 60,000 warranty on the repairs. I give them my highest recommendation and just referred my daughter to them last night."
- Michael H

"Needed a quick repair on my infinity and I wanted to try this new group. After John explained the work in detail and gave me a quote over the phone, he was able to get my car in quickly. H & I are Fast - Fair - Friendly. Nice to have an honest car repair shop in the neighborhood."
- Robert V

"It's the little things..! H&I does it well! There was a note from the mechanic, with mints and toothpicks in the cupholder when I picked up my car, a handy flashlight on my keychain, a new lil car garbage bag with maintenance schedules, etc. I was already impressed by the service I received beginning with the first phone call, and the automated text message reminders. I'm so impressed with H&I! We will definitely be returning customers."
- Wendy W

"This is probably the MOST PROFESSIONAL and HONEST group of auto maintenance people I've ever worked with."
- Dave B

"I had a couple people tell me about their great experiences here so I took my wife’s car in for brakes. My experience was fantastic. Excellent customer service, no up selling of items, very knowledgeable staff and more. I was sent a text with a link that had a detailed list of recommendations with pictures, I’ve never seen that before. Was nice to hear an honest company say what they thought was needed now, and what would be recommended in the future. All supported by pictures of the items from the mechanic. Will gladly spread the word of how great they are."
- Mike C

"Gave me information on overall condition of my vehicle and future maintenance items that will need addressed. All without any kind of sell tactics. Information with no pressure, Much appreciated!"
- Randy C

"I was truly impressed with my experience. I needed a front end alignment as well as my wheel bearings replaced. I am sure I could have shopped around and found a better price by maybe $50 or so, but John and everyone I dealt with in the office were professional, knowledgeable and seemed very committed to making sure my car was fixed right. John went out of his way to arrange rides to and from home and the worked me into what I think was an already tight schedule. They met all their commitments. I was also impressed by the systems and technology they use to deliver their services. The vehicle inspection that was performed was texted to my phone and the pictures showing things that needed attention were clearer than others I have received. Bottom line, this isn't a discount shop, but the experience is well worth paying a fair price for. The service was more comprehensive than what I would get at a dealership. I would give this shop and especially John an A++ and I would go back."
- Matt P

"I was truly impressed with my experience. I needed a front end alignment as well as my wheel bearings replaced. I am sure I could have shopped around and found a better price by maybe $50 or so, but John and everyone I dealt with in the office were professional, knowledgeable and seemed very committed to making sure my car was fixed right. John went out of his way to arrange rides to and from home and the worked me into what I think was an already tight schedule. They met all their commitments. I was also impressed by the systems and technology they use to deliver their services. The vehicle inspection that was performed was texted to my phone and the pictures showing things that needed attention were clearer than others I have received. Bottom line, this isn't a discount shop, but the experience is well worth paying a fair price for. The service was more comprehensive than what I would get at a dealership. I would give this shop and especially John an A++ and I would go back."
- Lynn C

"I scheduled my oil change last minute but they were very accommodating and ready to help. John was incredibly helpful in answering all of my questions and making sure my car was done by the time I needed it. When I arrived to pick it up, I was given an in depth explanation of everything they recommended as well as everything they did. I will definitely be back. Thank you for the exceptional service!"
- Kennedi F

"This place was recommended to me, and all I can say is Wow! They go above and beyond to deal with any problems, communicate with you so you make the decision if something needs fixed and then don’t charge and arm and a leg, they are the best!"
- Vivian S

"First impressions, very nice and helpful staff, their price was 50 dollars less than any competitor, and it was a very clean shop. Scheduling for an oil change was a bit of a pain since they don't do many but if you have a day you can go without your car I would highly recommend them. They give a detailed report on your vehicle with actual pictures of your car and they left a pack of mints and toothpicks in my cup holder! All around great experience can't say enough good things."
- Patrick L

"My wife and I were in for our first time on Wednesday for an oil change. Ryan was our advisor and he was engaging and pleasant. He explained their services and went over the pricing up front. We did not feel pressured into an upsell after we made our decision. The service was straightforward and the comprehensive report, with pictures, lends to their honesty and takes that "are they really telling me the truth" feeling out of car repairs. All in all, I would recommend H&I and I intend on returning, myself."
- Adam P

"Great Service, Friendly, and honest. These are qualities that are hard to find these day within a business."
- Brenda O

"I no longer have to dread taking my car to be serviced. At H&I they treat you like family they're very personable and friendly and they don't do unnecessary work on your vehicle. I don't feel like I'm being taken advantage of and I'm getting top quality work for my money. I wouldn't go anywhere else."
- Sherri P

"They’ve kept my car in perfect condition for years. I live in Tucson now and always make the drive back to them for car my services - they’re THAT good. They’ll have my business for life."
- Kyomi K

"Never easy going in knowing you have a concern with your vehicle, but the team at H&I are amazing and very professional."
- Ruston R

"What a great experience! We have been looking for a good automotive garage in the area after a recent bad experience. Ryan called with daily updates. When I went to pick up my car they explained exactly what was on the invoice, line by line. They took their time answering every question and even went above and beyond to help. Everyone was extremely friendly and very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend H & I automotive to my friends and neighbors or anyone looking to have their car serviced."
- Sherry T

"I was looking for a new automotive service center after having had a previous relationship for 20 years. I should have been looking in my “own backyard” as H & I is super convenient for me. First visit tells me that they are high on proper service & integrity & i would highly recommend."
- Bruce H

"I brought my truck to the dealership and was told I needed over $1,000 worth of repairs to my A/C due to a bad compressor. 5 minutes at H&I they squashed that theory and said I just needed a new hose. Out the door, less than half the dealership cost with twice the warranty for the repairs. I really liked the full vehicle inspection that was performed as well. Write up, urgency, photos; this shop is awesome! The staff is experienced and very friendly. Appears I have found myself a new mechanic shop."
- Marc R

"H & I performed the annual follow up alignments this week. As mentioned in other reviews, the shop and office are meticulously maintained. John and Ryan are very detailed in explaining the diagnosis steps and recommendations following the diagnosis. My alignment results and electrical inspection were texted to me after the adjustments or alignments were completed. Cars today are very complex and it important to have a firm with a qualified and honest staff to work on your vehicles."
- Fred M

"Although no work needed to be done at this time, our questions and concerns were answered thoroughly and respectfully. We gained peace of mind from the informative inspection. We’ll definitely choose H & I when it’s time to have the work done."
- Claudia B

"I no longer have to dread taking my car to be serviced. At H&I they treat you like family they're very personable and friendly and they don't do unnecessary work on your vehicle. I don't feel like I'm being taken advantage of and I'm getting top quality work for my money. I wouldn't go anywhere else."
- Sheri P

"Truly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had at a car repair shop! Unbelievable customer service and attention to detail while being treated with the utmost respect."
- Burt D

"H & I Automotive left me quite impressed with their professional and courteous staff. The cleanliness of the office and shop is second to none.
I also appreciated their honest inspection, pricing, and repair."
- Bob O

"H & I Automotive is a model for any business to follow, when you are trying to achieve customer loyalty. It is always a great feeling to still know that being friendly and honest is still the back bone to the success of any business. As consumers we have been so accustom to poor customer service. That when you receive fantastic customer service you immediately feel the need to say “thank you” and tell others. The team at H & I are destined for long term success. The work provided was priced fairly and timely and it is backed by an excellent warranty. I have also had many vehicles detailed by the detail shop (Zac) who’s attention to detail is second to none. The products and the workmanship that Zac puts into every project he does is excellent. Your vehicle has never look so good as it will when he is finished. If your vehicle is in need of any service work or vehicle detailing, stop in and see the team at H & I. Spencer, Danny, Zac and Ryan."
- Jerry F

"H&I Automotive is an extremely well managed and trustworthy business. You are respected and your vehicle is in good hands for any repair, guaranteed. The advisors are very knowledgeable, professional, and clearly communicate with the customer. The shop is immaculate with the most current technology and diagnostic equipment. The technicians are highly trained, certified, and skilled to perform all necessary repairs and make recommendations that the customer should be aware of, for additional preventive maintenance. I highly recommend H&I Automotive for all truck and automotive repairs for stellar results."
- Brian P

"Ryan and John where a great help with all the concern and questions I had. I wanted a honest answer from Ryan and spencer and they gave it to me. Very satisfied from the time that I called until I left after they looked over my car!"
- Jennifer R

"I appreciated Steve's attention to detail, providing a list of suggested work to be performed with a timeline. I enjoyed the personal tour, meeting mechanics , and seeing the available technology H&I has to offer. I will recommend your business to others and look forward to coming again. The price was right and the service exceptional. Thanks!"
- Linda K

"I had a quote to get my cars brake rotors & pads replaced and at the car dealer is was a good chunk of change. My brother referred me to H & I for a second opinion and I am glad I did as they have earned my business. They are very thorough and knowledgeable but most of all they explain everything to you, you are not just a number. Thank you so much."
- Rae M

"From the moment I entered the building until the moment I drove away I felt like I was in good hands. They didn't try to upsell me on services I didn't need. I was provided an electronic summary of all recommendations for my vehicle. I got a complete explanation of all the things that were covered in the diagnostic tests, along with pictures of what was being referred to. (I'm not that knowledgeable when it comes to automotive jargon.) I Trevor way feeling my money was well spent and I will definitely return in the future. I highly recommend H & I Automotive."
- Sheri P

"Honest shop. I appreciate their attention to detail and their pictures of what they have done during the maintenance. Great customer service as well! I’ve found a place close to home that I can trust."
- Wendy D

"Just wanted to give huge kudos to H&I Automotive in Gilbert for their excellent customer service (Steve & John) and their awesome technicians doing the work! Our tech was Drew and it is so refreshing that they diagnosed the problem that I had in the front end of my car, and a few other things that needed to be done, gave us a quote for the work necessary to be done, and got it all done in just two hours!! Now the front end of my car is just like new! Their name says it all "Honesty & Integrity" H&I... You won't be sorry when you take your vehicles to either locations (Gilbert or Mesa)! Thanks!"
- Sandy G

"Top notch service. Clean shop. Very professional. I like to deal with a mechanic shop that can service all my cars. One who foresees and recommends required services. Especially for my wife's car. I'm confident that she is driving a safe vehicle. Thank you!"
- Ben H

"I brought in my 2002 Ford F150 with quite a bit of wear and tear on multiple items. The truck ran just fine but hadn't had a tune up in years, the horn didn't work, the left rear door didn't open (Cabling was broken inside the door panel), shocks were worn out, brakes were bad and the column shifter lever was very loose and sloppy. I think there were even a couple other things that I am forgetting to mention. The service was great, they kept in constant communication throughout the process and they did not try to up sell anything during the process either. It was a little less than the quote when it was all said and done which was nice. It isn't the cheapest place in town but I am a firm believer in good customer service and you get what you pay for. I will use them again and recommend them to others if I get the chance."
- Daren S

I have now taken my car here twice. This team is on top of everything. They text you photos and paragraphs of any problems and let you decide. I am a big fan of the customer experience overall. I would recommend them even if they were a little out of the way because they don't push. Single parents with a lot on their plates could also benefit from H&I just set an appointment!
- Red F 

Requested synthetic oil change and filter, that's what I got along with a clean waiting room, courteous staff and a reasonable charge for the job. This company is new in our area and I'll be back as service issues arise that need they help. Great people to work with.
- Roger S

"I was informed as to the time the service was to be completed upon arrival. I was called with the notice of completion much earlier which was appreciated. A safety check was included and the recommended future service was noted. One item needed immediate attention and I was given the estimated price and approval was asked before proceeding with the repair. Above all I appreciate honesty and fairness. I am willing to pay for quality service!"
-Kjell A

"5+ stars if I could. Honest evaluation, reasonable pricing, and quality work. I came here because the dealership was giving me the run around. Jon was able to get us right in for an evaluation which came with a full write up and pictures. Work was completed in 2 days and I received status updates throughout. This is the place to go for an honest quality mechanic."
-Jill R

"Great, constant communication with me about my service. Seemed like they were shooting straight, not trying to get me to spend more money than I needed to."
-Cindy E

"I have now taken my car here twice. This team is on top of everything. They text you photos and paragraphs of any problems and let you decide. I am a big fan of the customer experience overall. I would recommend them even if they were a little out of the way because they don't push. Single parents with a lot on their plates could also benefit from H&I just set an appointment!"
-Dan F

"These guys are extremely professional and run the company with integrity. You can trust these guy that they will tell you exactly what is going on with your vehicle. I went to a shop and they said I could not get a alignment done on my work van and had to spend $1,600 before I could do the alignment. I went over to H&I after that and they showed me exactly what could be replaced but was extremely urgent...they said I could get an alignment done on my work van without replacing $1600 worth of parts. They changed my oil and got an alignment on my work van. I give H&I five stars because my experience with this company and how they operate is really how every company should operate. Professional, Trustworthy and integrity. I will be recommending any friend or family to H&I, Because I know they will treat the customer right and be honest."
-Tanner W

"Today was my first visit to this store/company. I showed up without an appointment and talked to Jon about getting an oil change and fix a rattle noise in my car. He didn't give me the mechanic look of when a customer tries to imitate a noise their car is making. Instead he wrote it down and said he would squeeze my car in because I did not have a appointment. I received the email with the mechanics write up and a phone call from Jon saying my car was ready. They told me things that were good with the car and things of concern but at no time offer a high pressure sales pitch to fix it today. I picked up my car and the issue had been fixed. Overall outstanding customer service and completion of the work is what made me take the time to write this. They earned a new customer today."
-Travis S

"H&I is always amazing. Their service and the work performed is top notch. Spencer, John, Chris and the crew, in either location (Mesa or Gilbert) always take care of us and our car. We will never go anywhere else for our car repair needs."
-Trent D

"H & I did a great job with our car! They were very detailed, and thorough! Wonderful customer service too! Highly recommend!"
-Devoney K

"After asking for oil change location suggestions, i decided to go with H&I. I'll definitely be taking the car back for service again. I got a fun flash light for my key chain and some thank you goodies in my car afterwards. The service was amazing and they text the paperwork for you. It had an extremely clean and comfy lounge to wait for the van. Definitely recommend them If you are Looking for a place to go."
-Nina B

"Although I have only been there twice with two different vehicles, I will use this shop exclusively. The work performed and Customer service was outstanding."
-John B

"Very good experience. My issues were addressed, the process was very efficient and the price was what I was told. I have found a new place to get my car needs met. Thanks H & I."
-Mike O

"Jon, Steve and Drew went above and beyond diagnosing the problem with my car. We had been to 4 shops within a year's time with no diagnosis prior to our visit to H & I. Thanks to all of you for your commitment to your customers."
-Leslie W

"Used H&I as a referral from KTAR's Bumper to Bumper radio program. Pricing was very fair. I'll use them again."
-William A

"Can't say enough about these guys. They are not cheap. Because they are honest. If it needs to be fixed today they say so. If it can wait there is no pressure to fix, they inform you of what and when they think it is best to be done. It's going on 10 years of my referrals and my patronage. Mesa store is the awesome also. Spencer the owner deserves this new store in Gilbert. Congratulations!"
-Mark J

"I appreciated the time taken answering my many questions; the friendliness of the staff including the mechanic; the professionalism, detailed report and discussion of preventive maintenance. In addition, as I waited in the comfortable front lobby, I overheard conversations with employees, vendors, and customers, handled with great respect. They presented integrity and trustworthiness."
-Felicia H

"Promptness in getting an appointment, worked with me on getting the service I needed, I like how things are explained and feedback given."
-Tom R

"So happy to have stumbled upon this automotive shop! I was able to get a same day appointment for an oil change. Very friendly, honest staff and reasonably priced services! I love that they sent a digital inspection of my car (including pictures of the areas of concern or repairs needed) via text message and did not try to force the suggested services. I will definitely be back! Thanks H&I Automotive!"
-Jennifer H

"Excellent service. After doing initial review of my car reviewed with me what they found and recommended what services they would perform if it was their car. They did a great job of keeping me updated on the progress of my car. Wonderful experience I will be back. Felt good to find an automotive shop where I didn't feel like they were trying to take advantage of me."
-Heather C

"This was the best automotive experience I've ever had. This is a business that values customer service.. Taking your car to the shop is something that is usually stressful . I actually left there feeling great about spending nearly $1000 on my car (shocking I know.) Great job guys! I will never go anywhere else. Thank you for such a great experience!"
-Michelle K

"This is my new favorite auto service center! It is so refreshing to have a normal oil change performed without being pressured to buy services that you don't immediately need, nor can afford, right now. Even though they did a thorough job in evaluating my Odyssey, no one EVER pushed me to have the recommended services performed after I said "not at this time". They respect the notion that "no means no", LOL. I dealt with John and Drew and couldn't have been happier! Both of them are awesome professionals in their field. I'll definitely take my Odyssey back to them and will be recommending them to my friends and family. :-)"
-Lynn C

"This was the best automotive experience I've ever had. This is a business that values customer service. Taking your car to the shop is something that is usually stressful. I actually left there feeling great about spending nearly $1000 on my car (shocking I know.) Great job guys! I will never go anywhere else. Thank you for such a great experience!"
-Michelle K

"Communication was excellent. Jon is a perfect example of how an auto shop should handle its customers."
-Kimberly C

"Very thorough inspection, great communication, reasonably priced."
-Tim W

Love the text message with link to vehicle inspection report that includes pictures. I love supporting small, local businesses when I can, and from what I can tell so far, this is a good one!
-Andrea R.

So happy to have stumbled upon this automotive shop! I was able to get a same day appointment for an oil change. Very friendly, honest staff and reasonably priced services! I love that they sent a digital inspection of my car (including pictures of the areas of concern or repairs needed) via text message and did not try to force the suggested services. I will definitely be back! Thanks H&I Automotive!
-Jennifer H.

"They inform you what they found wrong and show you a picture of the problem. They also show you items that may require fixing in the near future. They are friendly and do excellent work."
-Harold D.
"Awesome customer service, great communication and a detailed vehicle report which is accessible online. Go here for vehicle maintenance!"
-Rob D.
"All and all I was happy. I was offered a ride home on the house but chose to stay and wait. Clean shop all around! Very inviting."
-Don F.
"Very professional organization, clean shop and knowledgeable staff. Would highly recommend. Have found my new mechanics."
-Deanna F.
"John was great to work with as my service manager and was very informed about what needed to happen with my truck and very thorough and accommodating! Love the customer service and my truck works great now!"
-Darla F.
"Honest and friendly! Will always get my automotive business!!"
-Jim M.

"Taking your vehicle here is a great idea. The guys are straight up with you and show you the details of what's going on with your ride. They take before and after pictures of everything they do so that you don't have to worry about being ripped off. I highly recommend giving thus place a try."

"Since I made the switch to H & I I have had nothing but great experiences with them. They've maintained and repaired all of my vehicles with great care and honestly."

"This place rocks. Spencer, Chris and the entire staff here know how to treat their customers right. Their name says it all... Honest & Integrity. Keep up the good work guys."

"H & I Automotive lives up to the highest standards. They did excellent work at an affordable price, and even delivered our vehicle back to us."

"Awesome service! Friendly, honest, and quality work. I highly recommend this company."

"I have being going to H & I since the day they opened and nothing has changed. Every time I am there I am greeted by a friendly face. Come here once and you will have your mechanic team for life!"


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