Curt’s Auto Diesel Truck and Car Repair

Curt’s Auto Repair, Phoenix Arizona has been known for delivering quality Vehicle repair since 1987. Although young by some people’s standards, it is not uncommon to hear tales of their superior workmanship and customer service. This stems from their high profile code of ethics, making such statements as "showing Personal Obligation to each customer" is what wins the heart of any individual who requires their services.

When it comes to choosing a repair shop, everyone wants a mechanic that consistently performs quality labor at a reasonable price. Superior customer service and a personal interest in the well being of your vehicle can come as an added bonus. Curt’s Auto Repair brings the entire package by treating you with professionalism and dignity, no matter how small the repair, from the first time you call them. Many of us who have had experience with multiple shops know that finding a good maintenance shop is like finding a needle in a haystack. Though you may not recognize it at a glance, you will certainly feel the difference! For my money, its things like keeping you up to date on the repair process by contacting you if the timeframe changes and using only parts which meet or exceed factory recommendations which set Curt’s Auto Repair apart from the rest.

Curt’s Auto Repair Diesel Truck and Car Repair and Maintenance

Curt's Auto Repair Phoenix Arizona | Diesel Car Truck Phoenix AZ Auto ShopCurt’s Auto Repair in Phoenix also specializes in diesel truck repairs. Diesel trucks are famous for their ability to outlast normal gasoline engines, but proper maintenance is required if you wish to cash in on this excellent feature of the diesel engine. Maintenance procedures need to be followed strictly, and well make sure that your vehicle serves you for the maximum amount of time.

In many ways, diesel truck maintenance requires a special hand to make sure it is done correctly. For example, there are several components in many diesel trucks that are fundamentally different than what you would find in the average passenger vehicle. Their ASE Certified Technicians are well trained and experienced with all aspects of diesel truck maintenance and repair; and Curt’s Auto Repair takes great pride in the level of quality we provide to our customers.

Perhaps one of the most frustrating points for customers that need diesel truck repairs is that most auto repair shops in Phoenix, AZ don’t stock a decent number of diesel truck parts. This means you often have to wait around for the parts to come in before the repairs can actually take place. At Curt’s Auto Repair feels that just because you drive a large truck does not mean that your maintenance or repairs should take twice as long. They work hard to make sure that their stock of truck parts is up to snuff, so their customers in Phoenix can get back to the things that matter in short order.

Even if your diesel truck requires a complete engine overhaul or rebuild, Curt’s Auto Repair is more than capable of taking care of whatever your vehicle needs. Their technicians are well prepared to make sure that whatever level of repairs your truck requires, they can get the job done.

At Curt’s Auto Repair, they have taken steps to ensure that our customers with diesel trucks are treated to the same level of service excellence that our other customers receive. Just because you drive a large diesel truck doesn’t mean you need to look harder for professional repair. Let your truck handle the heavy lifting -- and Curt’s Auto Repair will take care of the rest.

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