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Exotic vehicles come with their own set of specific tradeoffs, Volvo’s are no exception to this rule and many people are forced to ask a very specific question. Where do I get quality Volvo repair? Phoenix drivers who own one of these cars can find themselves in a compromising situation. The reality of the issue is that most auto repair shops are hopelessly confused when it comes to exactly what a Volvo needs to be in top condition. Luckily, Tanner Motors is the Volvo specialist in Phoenix, and is arguably the best independent shop for Volvo repair in the state.

In the Automotive repair business, its not uncommon to see skills passed on within a family from one generation to next. It is rare however for a customer to reap the benefits of 3 generations of experience in the auto industry. Though Tanner motors opened their door about a decade ago, the tanner family has been serving Arizona drivers since 1945.

What People Are Saying About Tanner Motors

"Definitely a 'go to' company for honesty and service." 

- Sherri H

Tanner Motors Phoenix Arizona Reviews | Phoenix AZ Auto Repair Shop Testimonials"Great and friendly service is the standard here."
- Barbara H 

"Great experience! Being new to the area, I was cautious about selecting an independent to service my '06 MINI JCW GP. (Being somewhat of a collector car, a guy gets protective!) The experience with Tanner was first rate. I first had them inspect the car and give me an estimate. This allowed me to size them and their facility up. I was treated with nothing but courtesy, respect and professionalism every step of the way. Impressive!! And, reasonable, financially!!"
- Tom R

"Always great to work with. I so appreciate that they take care of my car so well. I am always pleased with their work and integrity."
- Tami V

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