Good Works Auto Repair Testimonials

Good Works Auto Repair, Tempe AZ is the number one choice for fair priced, quality and efficient vehicle maintenance.

Centrally located in Tempe at the 101 and Broadway, Good Works Auto Repair helps to keep engines healthy with a focus on preventive maintenance.

The Tempe staff provides free rides to the nearby light-rail station or anywhere within a 10 mile radius! Their newly expanded 8,000-square-foot facility houses a waiting area with gourmet Keurig coffee selections and free WiFi. As a full service auto repair shop, they can do everything your vehicle needs to stay in great condition.

What People Are Saying About Good Works Auto Repair

"It was the best customer in service I have ever had! And the fact that I went in for an oil change and came out with an inspection that covered everything, included in the price. I have never experienced anything like going to Good Works Auto repair if you want knowledge and a truly good job done on your car." – Antoinette B.

"Have been having my car serviced at Good Works since 2005. Never any problems. Great people, always eager to help. Can't imagine any customer ever giving them a low rating. Always completely satisfied." – Chuck B.

"Went in and dropped my vehicle off with no hassle. I was kept updated on the status of everything, and they didn’t do anything without asking first. My truck was fixed in a timely matter at a great cost. They made it super easy for me, and it was an overall great experience." – David N.

"I have been a customer of Good Works for many years now. I'm currently on my second car with them. More than once they have gone above and beyond for me. Being a single woman with little mechanical knowledge, it's a relief to have a mechanic I feel I can trust. – Kim D.

"I'm not easily won over ... but after my very first service ... several services ago, I won't go anywhere else! Quality work from an honest, quality team. Won't take my business anywhere else ... absolutely love them!!!! – Chintae H.

"You provided a rental car at your expense, work was done on time, I feel that I can trust your business." - Rob C.

"Every detail is explained to me without patronizing." - Ileana B.

"Friendly service, honest and good work done, you use quality parts, my truck rides better than when I got it, must have been bad for sometime." - Darren H.

"My repair ended up taking less time than originally quoted, and the level of customer service was excellent!" - Ryan T.

"The staff is very friendly and they were honest about what needed to be fixed." - Michelle D.

"They were honest and fixed my most urgent needs for my car. They did what was most cost efficinet for me, as I am a student. My car was not ready on time, and they provided me with a rental car so I could make my appointment later that day and covered the cost of the car." - Saman R.

"I enjoy the friendly service when you walk in, the quality of service from the guys, and the honesty of everyone there!" - Lisa B.

"I like how the staff is flexible and genuinely concerned about fixing their customer's car correctly, and maintaining it for the future." - Matthew E.

"I appreciated the time that Glen took to explain things to me, explain why things needed to be done and also the time to show me! It means a lot when the mechanics can take the time to show you what is happening and also to take the time to show you." - Lisa B

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