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Accurate Automotive is your number one shop for fair priced, honest and customer oriented auto repair in Mesa, Arizona. After opening their doors in 1992, they have tirelessly worked to ensure the personal satisfaction of each individual they have the pleasure of calling their customer. Their business is built on the foundation of mutual trust and care from the perspective of family. Because they are a locally owned, family run business, they have the opportunity to serve their community without corporate policies taking precedent over people.

Accurate Automotive's code of ethics demands that their services be available to all individuals at a fair price, that all repairs should be completed without cutting corners, ignoring potential issues, or conducting unnecessary repairs. They feel that this code is what has led to be one of the most successful automotive repair facilities in Arizona. Accurate Automotive invites you take full advantage of their services and to see for yourself what kind of difference an honest mechanic makes.

Brakes for Breasts, Phoenix

Accurate Automotive is very pleased to announce its participation in the October 2013 Brakes for Breasts Program! Thanks to some very special friends, we were made aware of this extremely promising program which has the potential to wipe breast cancer from the face of the earth forever.

Fund Raisers, Car Giveaways and Other Good Stuff

Accurate Automotive Community Activity / 2013 - Our philosophy at accurate automotive is to follow the Platinum Rule – which is “Give People What They Want.” Our policy is to encourage all of our team members to lead and give back in our community and our industry.

1. Booster Club Cards – Fund raising program that benefits schools, boys&girls clubs, athletic teams, non-profit organizations, missionaries, and kids in our community. The program has raised and donated over $94,350 since its inception. This program has been recognized by the local broadcast media as a premier ‘Pay It Forward’ program.

2. Brakes for Breasts – In 2013 Accurate Automotive was proud to participate with 63 other shops across the country in raising funds for breast cancer research by Dr Touhy and the Cleveland Clinic. The combined effort raised a total of nearly $70,000.

3. Phoenix Childrens Hospital – Accurate Automotive was honored to be actively engaged over the last two years in helping to raise approximately $10,000 each year for this worthy cause.

4. Car Giveaways - twice each year since 2010, in a coordinated effort with 20 other shops, Accurate Automotive repaired and gave away cars to single mothers and local families in need.

5. Holiday Food For Families – give away food to needy recipients. Organized collection and disbursement of Holiday meals to over 65 worthy / needy families.

6. Helping Hands for Single Moms - the Accurate Automotive Team works to help single mothers in need of automotive repair.

7. Customer Appreciation Events – Ball Games, Car Shows, BBQs, and Family Fun

8. Special Olympics Committee – Lee & Kelli serve on the Special Olympics Committee for the last three years.

9. Boy Scouts – Lee & Kelli have served in BSA Leadership Roles with youths ages 11-18, for 15 years.

10. Single Adult Leader – Lee & Kelli serve as Young Single Adult leaders in church organizations for 10 years, working with college age kids.

11. Auto Repair Giveaway – coordinated the giveaway of over $30,000 worth of auto repair over the last two years (in three events), in cooperative effort with over 20 other independent repair shops across Arizona, utilizing Martin Truex Jr as our spokesman.

12. Help for Handicapped – the Accurate Automotive employees planned and hosted numerous outdoor recreational activities at the Marc Center in Mesa, for handicapped persons of all ages, fulfilling the needs of the guests for fun, human interaction and love.

Lee Weatherby Participates in Donation to Phoenix Childrens Hospital

Lee Weatherby and Accurate Automotive generously donated to Phoenix Children's Hospital by directly contributing to a fund raising drive in coordination with Bumper to Bumper radio. Lee is seen here with other contributors to this worthy cause, presenting the check for $9,100 to Phoenix Childrens Hospital.

Accurate Automotive Auto Repair Shop Charity | Mesa Arizona Auto Repair Shop Community

Accurate Automotive Auto Repair Shop Charity | Mesa Arizona Auto Repair Shop Community


Bumper Audio Clip of the Week

Bumper to Bumper Radio helps a listener with a persistent AC issue in her 2006 Toyota Avalon.