Tri-City Transmission Testimonials

As a family-owned business, Tri-City Transmission has been providing complete transmission service and repair in the Phoenix, Arizona, area since 1972. They truly are the transmission experts in Arizona. They repair or replace over 200 transmissions per month, or 2400 transmissions per year. Transmissions are all they do and the do them well.

Dave Riccio, an Arizona native, and co-host of Bumper to Bumper Radio, is the owner of Tri-City Transmission. A self-professed gearhead, he began his career over 20 years ago selling tires and has remained involved and active in the auto repair industry ever since. Dave’s talent with people as well as cars is a business combination that has served him and his clients well.

What People Are Saying About Tri-City Transmission

"These are the guys you want to go to, honest dependable and saved me a lot of money. I was quoted $5000 at another shop and walked out of Tri-City paying for a repair bill of $450. - BZ

"You saved me a lot of money by referring me to Honda for warranty consideration. Honda is now going to pay 75% of my new transmission. Thanks!" - Kelli

"After taking my truck to our regular repair guy, he confirmed that it was something with the transmission and recommended Tri-City as the "place he takes his own vehicles". True to the recommendation, they found two small parts that needed to be replaced, had us back on the road quick, and even washed my truck. Thanks guys!" - GM

"This place is unbelievable. After getting a quote from another shop, I decided to get a second one at Tri-City Transmissions. They figured out it was really only a small problem and fixed it for thousands less than I was quoted from the other shop. They could have taken me to the cleaners and I wouldn't have known the difference. If you want an honest transmission shop, take your car here!" - David

"My regular shop gave me the devastating news that the transmission needed to be replaced, at a cost of $2900 + tax. However, I came accross Tri-City Transmission and after reading many of their favorable reviews I decided to let them look at my car too, for a second opinion. Well... by the end of the day Tri-City called me with the news. "We completed the courtesy check, tightened up the radiator fitting, cleaned up a coolant leak, and filled the transmission fluid that was 2 qts low. The codes are gone... took it for a drive and everything looks good." That's right... I was low on transmission fluid. That's it! The guys at Tri-City are Honest. I am so happy I had them look at my Honda. By the way, my car is running great now, not to mention that I didn't have to give my other mechanic $2900 for something I didn't need. Thanks Tri-City. You exemplify "The Best". - NL

"Both my wife and I have had occasion to use Tri-City and the results were fantastic. In both our cases, another provider wanted to just sell us a new transmission. These guys diagnosed minor problems, fixed them promptly, saving us thousand of dollars. I would never go anywhere else for a transmission issue." - MJM

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