Tri-City Transmission Testimonials

As a family-owned business, Tri-City Transmission has been providing complete transmission service and repair in the Phoenix, Arizona, area since 1972. They truly are the transmission experts in Arizona. They repair or replace over 200 transmissions per month, or 2400 transmissions per year. Transmissions are all they do and the do them well.

Dave Riccio, an Arizona native, and co-host of Bumper to Bumper Radio, is the owner of Tri-City Transmission. A self-professed gearhead, he began his career over 20 years ago selling tires and has remained involved and active in the auto repair industry ever since. Dave’s talent with people as well as cars is a business combination that has served him and his clients well.

What People Are Saying About Tri-City Transmission

"We Truly Feel They Care About Our Family’s Safety"

"Tri-City Transmission is a top-notch shop. As an engineer I am very critical of who works on my vehicles and how that work is performed. My trust is not easily earned. I found out about this shop from a radio program and in listening to him, Dave was always forthright, honest and analytical so I decided to check out the shop. They gave me a tour of the facility and I found that it was akin to a surgical suite-clean, organized and well maintained. Even the restrooms are impeccable, which says a lot for an auto shop. I’ve now had 3 transmissions repaired or rebuilt. Each time they diagnosed the problem and let me know the anticipated cost prior to doing the work. Most mechanics shops consider a transmission voodoo black magic and simply exchange them with a rebuilt one. Tricity transmissions are true professionals because they diagnose the problem before taking action. They don’t just exchange the transmission and hand you a bill. I was told that they check and recheck the torque on all the bolts and when this is done, they put a spot of paint on the bolt. Sure enough, when I personally inspected the bottom of my vehicles, I found 2 colors of paint on each bolt. I drive over 100 miles to use their services and will continue to do so when necessary because of my faith in their abilities. Our interaction with the personnel has always been pleasant and we truly feel they care about our family’s safety."

-Shelley H.

"I Expect To Be Going Here the Next 25 Years"

"I recently had to leave the shop I had been using for the last 25 years due to it being sold. The new owners had an indifferent attitude and lacked the same customer-based approach of the previous shop. I moved on without even finding out whether or not they could actually do repairs well. Thankfully I found Tri-City. They are like the old shop was, maybe better, which is saying something. Nice people, they do the work right and on time, and show genuine appreciation for your business. I expect to be going here the next 25 years."

-Randy P.

"I Will Be a Life-Long Customer"

"I was driving without my A/C because I was so worried about finding an honest shop to help me. Thankfully I was referred to Tri-City and was treated with respect and honesty! My A/C works great, the price was right and Aaron made it clear that Tri-City appreciates my business!"

-Katie N.

"This Shop is the Best Shop EVER!"

"Okay let me first say that this shop is the best shop EVER! I always found myself getting ripped off and taken advantage of whenever I took my vehicle to get serviced. However, yes car angels do exist and you can find them at Tri-City Transmission in Tempe. The staff are wonderful and the receptionist is great. They are very nice and really want to see their customers leave happy and with a smile. When your tow truck driver asks you where you are taking your inoperable vehicle and you say Tri-City Transmission and tow truck driver says, “You are in good hands.” I think that say a lot. I would highly recommend this shop, especially people who don’t really know anything about cars except gas and go. Tri-City Transmission is the best!"

-Rsnoop B.

"Hands Down Best Place To Go"

"Came in after another shop had screwed up the trans rebuild. They not only found the problem but then offered a few solutions. Rebuilt the transmission and now it drives better then I could have imagined! Hands down best place to go!"

-Brian W.

"They Made a Stressful Experience as Smooth as Possible"

"Here's what you need to know: you can trust Dave Riccio and his staff. I was traveling from Albuquerque to San Diego and had what I thought was a transmission problem. I was in an unfamiliar town and had to go on online reviews such as this one. So, I trusted the reviews and went with Tri-City. I brought my car in first thing the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Becky (front desk) was super nice and helpful, and Dave looked at the car quickly, got back to me with the diagnosis and they finished the work in time to get me on my way for the holiday. They didn't try to upsell me on anything, and I never felt (like I often do as a woman dealing with mechanics) like I was being sold something I didn't need or that I couldn't trust what they were saying. They identified the problems and kept me safe, and there is no price tag you can put on that. Dave and Aaron and Becky were great, and made it happen. They even washed and vacuumed my car, and picked me up and gave me a ride back to the shop for pick up! They made a stressful experience as smooth as possible. Like I said, the one thing you need to know is that you can trust Tri-City Transmission."

-Anne T.

"They Are The Real Thing When it Comes to Transmissions"

"I was having transmission problems with my BMW and after a few check ups at other shops I was told I needed a completely new transmission in the neighborhood of 9 to 10,000. I was recommended by my sister-in-law to see Tri- City Transmission in Tempe. Dave the owner explained the situation to me of having to diagnose the problem and then make a decision as to which way to go to fix the problem. I left the car with Tri City and the next day I received a call from Dave that they could fix the problem without needing a new transmission for less then 3,000. I gave them them the OK.I picked up the car after a few days and the car is running great without any of the problems I was experiencing before the repair. Tri City's reviews are no joke. They are the real thing when it comes to transmissions. I am sure they are as good on all other repairs as well. Thank you Tri City Transmission."

-Norm W.

"They Literally Saved Me Thousands"

"These guys are fantastic, the kind of shop that you can actually trust what they recommend! I went to them for a second opinion on my transmission and they literally saved me thousands. "

-Ryan M.

"Tri-City Transmission is One of Those Businesses That You Know You Can Trust"

"Nobody likes to spend money to get their car fixed. Tri-City Transmission is one of those businesses that you know you can trust. The quality of the diagnosis is the best, and quality of the repair absolutely the best. I have been going to and referring people to them for decades and without question, every visit is pleasurable. After driving away from their facility, I always have an incredible sense of confidence in the repair I just had done ... and i have never been disappointed. Thank you, Dave! "

-Jim C.

"Tri-City Saved Me from Wasting Money on O2 Sensors I didn't Need"

"We inherited my father's truck for my son who will be driving soon. On our first trip around the block the check engine light and traction light came on. The excitement was quickly killed. We pulled into a local auto parts store where they plugged in their machine for a diagnostic and said I needed O2 sensors which they carried and said they would be easy to change out. The older I get, the less I want to crawl under a car. I called Tri-City Transmission and Auto Repair and spoke with Dave asking for a price for O2 sensors. He said rarely are O2 sensors bad when there is an O2 sensor code. He recommended that I come in for a diagnostic. They found it, a bad section of wiring at the top of the engine. Tri-City saved me from wasting money on O2 sensors I didn't need and a Saturday of frustration. Thanks Tri-City Transmission!! "

-Darrin P.

"Trustworthy and Up Front About Costs and Time Frame"

"I can not say enough good things about these guys! They are trustworthy and up front about costs and time frame. For any one worried about the diagnostic fee , don't it is worth it and could save you a lot of money. Thank you, Dave and the entire team!"

-Stacy H.

"I Was So Impressed By His Honesty"

"I don't like to write reviews and have never written a review prior to this one. Maybe I am weird, but I expect companies in the service industry to ... well ... provide good service both to the items being serviced and to the customer. However, I was so thoroughly impressed by Tri-City I decided to break my pattern. I contacted Tri-City after what I thought was a serious transmission issue and was convinced, I would be paying thousands of dollars for a new transmission or rebuild. I spoke to Dave to schedule an appointment and after explaining my vehicle's symptoms he told me I might be thinking about it all wrong. He told me it might not be a transmission issue at all and if it was transmission related, it might just need a service. Well, he was right. All I needed was a transmission service to fix the transmission related issue (at a fraction of my suspected cost)! I also want to mention that during the test drive he identified a problem that I had noticed for about a month unrelated to the suspected transmission issue. Now, most of us think "Oh, gosh, here we go with the million things that are wrong and need to be fixed" spiel, but it wasn't like that all! Dave was open, honest and put no pressure on me to fix any other issues. He even offered referrals if there was a shop closer to my home. I was so impressed by his honesty I assure you he will be getting my business for future repairs!"

-Ron M.

"I Highly Recommend Tri-City Transmission with Enthusiasm!"

"I was so impressed by the impeccable service, professionalism, and courtesy of this auto shop that I feel compelled to write my first ever review of a facility. Not only was the mechanical work done on my car first rate, but the courtesy and communication of the front office (Becky and Aaron) was fantastic. They kept me up to date on every development, called when they said they would, and made convenient arrangements for a rental car for me, even installing my granddaughter's car seat in the rental! I highly recommend Tri-City Transmission with enthusiasm!"

-Jessica B.

"This is One Great Shop and I Highly Recommend It"

"My daughter took her 2013 Infinity g37 to the dealer for a service engine light on and they told her she needed a new transmission and b2 cat. The transmission quota was $7,000. I have been listening to bumper to bumper radio show for years and decided to try Tri City Transmission. They indicated the cats were bad but the transmission only needed a service for $300. Dave kept me informed thru out the service of a few things that needed to be fixed and always called me before he fixed them. The dealer in my mine was just trying to sell my daughter a new car. I will now use Tri City for my service or one of the recommended Bumper to Bumper shops. This is one great shop and I highly recommend it. "

-Dennis H.

"Each Time I Feel Like They Have Exceeded My Expectations"

"I have done business twice now with Tri City Transmission and each time I feel like they have exceeded my expectations. I was treated with respect the moment I walked in the building and spoke with Becci and Aaron guided me through the process In a friendly but professional manner. To everyone at Tri City Transmission thank you for taking such good care of me!"

-Marc F.

"These are the guys you want to go to, honest dependable and saved me a lot of money. I was quoted $5000 at another shop and walked out of Tri-City paying for a repair bill of $450.

- BZ

"You saved me a lot of money by referring me to Honda for warranty consideration. Honda is now going to pay 75% of my new transmission. Thanks!"

- Kelli

"After taking my truck to our regular repair guy, he confirmed that it was something with the transmission and recommended Tri-City as the "place he takes his own vehicles". True to the recommendation, they found two small parts that needed to be replaced, had us back on the road quick, and even washed my truck. Thanks guys!"

- GM

"This place is unbelievable. After getting a quote from another shop, I decided to get a second one at Tri-City Transmissions. They figured out it was really only a small problem and fixed it for thousands less than I was quoted from the other shop. They could have taken me to the cleaners and I wouldn't have known the difference. If you want an honest transmission shop, take your car here!"

- David

"My regular shop gave me the devastating news that the transmission needed to be replaced, at a cost of $2900 + tax. However, I came accross Tri-City Transmission and after reading many of their favorable reviews I decided to let them look at my car too, for a second opinion. Well... by the end of the day Tri-City called me with the news. "We completed the courtesy check, tightened up the radiator fitting, cleaned up a coolant leak, and filled the transmission fluid that was 2 qts low. The codes are gone... took it for a drive and everything looks good." That's right... I was low on transmission fluid. That's it! The guys at Tri-City are Honest. I am so happy I had them look at my Honda. By the way, my car is running great now, not to mention that I didn't have to give my other mechanic $2900 for something I didn't need. Thanks Tri-City. You exemplify "The Best".

- NL

"Both my wife and I have had occasion to use Tri-City and the results were fantastic. In both our cases, another provider wanted to just sell us a new transmission. These guys diagnosed minor problems, fixed them promptly, saving us thousand of dollars. I would never go anywhere else for a transmission issue."


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