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Carfax Announces Instant Availability Of Crash Reports Online Is One-Stop Shop for Insurers; Saves Police Departments Time, Money

CENTREVILLE, Va., March 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Carfax has taken a huge step forward in eliminating the waiting time to receive automobile accident reports from police departments. Through one online source – – crash reports from virtually any police department in the U.S. are easily accessible, and now are available instantly from a rapidly growing number of agencies. Insurers, lawyers and other interested parties can quickly order the reports they need and view some of them immediately, all with no added convenience fees.

"Our insurance company uses Crashdocs exclusively and they have exceeded our expectations," said Eugene Clauser, claims manager at National Heritage Insurance Co. in Illinois. "The website is easy to use and one of the things we like best is that a number of the reports we purchase are available right away. That is invaluable to us in expediting claims and keeping our insured satisfied. Plus, the Carfax staff is very helpful anytime we have a question. It's an outstanding service."

Industry professionals no longer have to contact individual police departments or pay high convenience fees to obtain crash reports. is the single source for information about a specific crash from law enforcement agencies nationwide.

"I love the convenience of having one source for ordering police reports," said Laura Robinson, claims representative for Cornerstone National Insurance in Missouri. "No matter from which police department I need a crash report, my only stop is the Crashdocs website. Information that used to take hours and even days to get, Crashdocs often reduces to a matter of minutes. I also appreciate that Carfax doesn't charge any additional convenience fees."
There is zero investment – no start-up costs, maintenance fees, or hardware/software to buy – for police departments to be part of Crashdocs' e-commerce platform. In fact, making their crash reports available through helps agencies save money for areas where it's needed most.

"The Billings Police Department has distributed accident reports online through Crashdocs the last four years with great success," said Lindy Newsome, police support specialist with Billings (Mont.) Police. "We've virtually eliminated the need to mail out reports, a significant cost savings when compounded. Just as important, we save loads of time without any mail requests coming in and very few window requests to fulfill. The convenience of downloading a crash report at work or home is a real benefit for insurance companies and our constituents."

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