Thursday, 08 June 2017 11:28

Tax Refund, Spend $ on 3 High Risk Areas for Car Repairs

Consumers allocate portion of tax refund for car care.

Valley car care expert offers three tips on high risk areas.

Every year customers come in to use a portion of their tax refund for vehicle car repairs on items that they have been putting off. However, what the consumer is not aware of are three HIGH RISK areas to always ask their mechanic to check. This can save from having costly repair surprises in the future. Between now and April 30, call to schedule your complimentary Income Tax Protection Inspection with a focus on the three vital areas.

The Car Care Council estimates that more than $62 billion in vehicle maintenance and repair is not performed every year, evidence that there is considerably more that consumers should be doing to protect their automotive investment. These are the three most important areas to have their mechanics check out.


  • 1. Any underlying oil leaks. The beginning of a leak, we call “seepage”, is not a bonafide leak to the consumer. They think a leak is when they see oil on the ground. NO! Oil can be leaking and hang out on the frame and other areas before it even makes it to the ground. This is when the high dollar repairs come in.
  • 2. Share any minor or major noises in the vehicle. Keep a journal of any moans, squeaks, high-pitched whines, “morning sickness” – (yes, it happens first thing in the morning) that you hear when it occurs. They will be intermittent and forgotten about. Yet these sounds are to get your attention that something isn’t right and if not caught early can get expensive. Your mechanic can trace the noises down to the source of the issue.
  • 3. Air Conditioning System. Summer isn’t here yet temperatures are rising, so now is the time to check this system out. Even if the system is blowing ice cold, rubber hoses could be starting to leak. Consumers think they just need to add freon, but the vital lubricating oil can seep from rubber hoses, causing the heart of the air conditioning system, the air conditioning compressor, to run dry and ultimately fail. That is when repairs get very expensive. Minor repairs to the hoses may cost you about $400.00 or you can wait until it hits the air conditioning compressor and spend in excess of $1000.00. Don’t wait until summer.


  • Lights
  • Belts – drive
  • Fluids – oil, coolant, power steering, brake, transmission
  • Hoses – coolant
  • Tire condition and pressure
  • Windshield wipers and cracks
  • Fluid levels
  • Air filter
  • Mirrors
  • Emergency brake inspection
  • Battery
  • Child seat belt check

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