Thursday, 08 June 2017 11:28

Cold Weather Boosting Business for Phoenix Car Repair Mechanics

Has your car been noticeably slow or jerky getting out of the driveway with the cold weather?

"Business increases without fail by over 50% whenever we see extreme cold in the Valley," said Dave Riccio, owner of Tri-City Transmission. 

Transmissions react poor to extremely cold weather because that’s when the transmission leaks show up. If you have red puddles in your driveway, this may be you.

"Never ignore a transmission leak. You can take a simple problem and make it much worse by doing this," Riccio said. 

Don’t automatically think the worst if your transmission is misbehaving with the cold. Minor transmission leak repairs and topping off transmission fluid are everyday business at Tri-City Transmission when it’s cold.


Never ignore a transmission leak – You can take a simple problem and make it much worse by doing this. It’s never good to run a transmission low on fluid.

If you feel comfortable, you can check the transmission fluid level first to see if you simply have a low fluid issue. If your transmission is low and you want to add fluid yourself, make sure you get the right fluid.

"There are over 30 types of transmission fluid and most retailers don't know the difference. If in doubt, rather than a costly error, seek a professional," Riccio said.

Although tempting, stay away from “Mystery transmission quick fix additives” like “transmission stop leak”. They make great claims and can get you out of a quick jam, but are poison to your transmission and can cost you dearly in the long run.

Co-host David Riccio is the owner of Tri-city Transmission in Tempe, AZ.

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