Auto Heating and Cooling System Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore | Good Works Auto Repair

Auto Heating and Cooling System Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore | Good Works Auto Repair

Effective heating and cooling systems are important for all vehicle owners, but especially here in Arizona. After all, who wants to suffer through our hot summers in a sweltering vehicle? Or, why shiver uncomfortably during the cooler winter months?

Plus, there are actually two systems in your car that are in charge of cooling … your A/C system, which keeps you cool, and the cooling system that keeps your vehicle from overheating.

Let’s take a look at some common problems that can occur with your vehicle’s heating and cooling systems. When you know what to watch for, you’ll better understand when it’s time to call your mechanic.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

If you’d rather not rely on the air coming in your open windows to keep you cool, watch out for these most common A/C system issues:

Low or contaminated refrigerant – Refrigerant is the gas that cools the air. When the quantity is too low (usually due to a leak), or it becomes contaminated with debris, your A/C system will run less efficiently. That means some components may get overworked and need repair or replacement long before that would normally be necessary.

Leaks – Your air conditioning system is full of components like hoses, gaskets, and seals, all of which can break down over time. When they do, the entire system works less efficiently and can cost you more money.
When’s the best time to schedule A/C service? Before you need it! It doesn’t hurt to have us inspect the system each season before the outside temps heat up and you’re really desperate for air conditioning. That way, any potential problems can be diagnosed and fixed before they affect your comfort.

Cooling System Issues
If you think driving a vehicle without a functioning A/C system is uncomfortable, try getting stranded by the side of the road because your car overheated. Properly maintaining your vehicle’s cooling system can contribute to a more comfortable and safer ride. It can also help eliminate some expensive repairs.

Common cooling system problems include:

  • A leaking radiator or hose connection
  • Low or contaminated coolant
  • Worn out or cracked belts or hoses
  • Rusted and/or corroded parts

We recommend cooling system service every 12 months. That way, any potential problems are discovered early, saving you both the expense and discomfort of a breakdown or extensive repairs.

What’s Wrong With Your heater?
Living here in Arizona, your vehicle’s heating system may go forgotten most of the year … until we have that first chilly morning and you’re desperate for some extra warmth.

Here are some common heating system problems to be aware of:

Low coolant – This fluid is used to transfer heat from the engine to the cabin, making a more comfortable ride for passengers when it’s cold outside. When the coolant level is too low, the entire system becomes less efficient.
Air in the system – When air gets into the cooling system, it keeps the heat from being able to be properly transferred from the engine. That leaves the engine too hot and you too cold.
Faulty thermostat – Sometimes the heat will work, and other times it won’t. The easiest fix for this problem is simply to replace the thermostat.

Heating and Cooling Systems are Best Maintained by the Professionals
If you’re a DIY person, you may enjoy doing some simple vehicle maintenance tasks, like an oil change, yourself. When it comes to heating and cooling, however, it’s best to leave the repairs to the professionals. Why? Because using the wrong fluids or equipment could end up costing you thousands of dollars in damage.

At Good Works Auto Repair, we have trained technicians and specialized equipment to get the job done efficiently and accurately. No repair is too big or too small and we’re ready to do what it takes to keep you and your vehicle safe and comfortable.

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