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Safely Road Tripping During a Pandemic

Safely Road Tripping During a Pandemic

A vacation, let alone a road trip, might sound very daunting or impossible during a pandemic. However, there are ways to keep safe if you do have to travel. Not only do YOU need to keep healthy and safe during a road trip, but your vehicle needs to be kept “healthy” and safe too!

Packing everything you need is key because you may be in a remote area with no internet access, or ability to buy groceries and drinking water. Keep reading to learn some tips on keeping safe while road tripping!

Is Road Tripping Safe During Covid-19?

Stepping out of isolation can put anybody at risk for Covid-19 during these times. However, taking a road trip is safer than being exposed to public transport and flights. Depending on where you are located, there may or may not be restrictions on domestic travel. The CDC has warned that car travel can present some risk because it’s usually necessary to make stops along the way for gas, food, or restroom breaks. And, it’s a possibility to come in contact with other people and surfaces. There are some things you can do, however, to mitigate your risk.

Road Trip Tips to Keep You Safe

Here are a few quick tips to keep you and your companions safe while road tripping:

-Always bring your mask.

-Carry disinfecting wipes or hand sanitizer with you.

-Wash your hands thoroughly after a restroom stop.

-Use hand sanitizer before touching your keys or door handles. 

-Try camping if you don’t feel that hotels are COVID-safe. 

-When filling your car with fuel, wipe down gas pump handles with sanitizing wipes.

Plan Preventative Maintenance Before You Go

If you’re planning on traveling a long way, it’s a good idea to schedule tire maintenance, brake service, or even an oil change before you start your trip. This can help you eliminate unnecessary pit stops along the way. If you’ve been putting routine vehicle maintenance on the back burner, you’ll want to catch up BEFORE your trip!

Plan Your Route

Before you embark on this journey, it’s a good idea to plan out the route you will be traveling and bring paper maps just in case. And, plan places where you can stop in civilization to stock up on first-aid kit items and groceries.

Stock Up on Water and Food

Make sure to bring lots of water and plenty of food. Just having these items with you means fewer stops and less potential exposure to health hazards like COVID-19.

Pay Attention to Your Fuel Tank

If you are driving in remote areas, gas stations may be few and far between. Consider bringing fuel cans with you. At the very least, plan your fuel stops in advance so you’re not caught by surprise in a remote area with no gas stations. Road tripping during a pandemic also means paying attention to gas station hours as they may be different than in the past.

Road Tripping Can Be Safe and Easy

There you have it! Road tripping during a pandemic is possible to do safely if you follow the tips and safety precautions above. So, pack up your vehicle with the family and all the things you will need … happy driving and stay healthy!

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