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4 Reasons to Avoid Using A/C Recharging Kits | Good Works Auto Repair

4 Reasons to Avoid Using A/C Recharging Kits | Good Works Auto Repair

These days, the internet is a treasure trove of information for Do-It-Yourself’ers. Just take a quick look at YouTube and you’re likely to find hundreds, or even thousands, of videos on any home or auto repair topic that you can imagine.

While online tutorials may be just fine for simple tasks like how to check your tire pressure, they’re not usually the right answer for more complex auto maintenance needs. The same holds true for DIY tools such as A/C recharging kits. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you might just want to avoid A/C recharging kits altogether and leave your A/C repairs to a professional.

#1: A/C recharging kits may not fix the root of the problem.
If you’ve taken a look at your A/C system to try to determine why it’s not working properly, you may have noticed that it’s low on refrigerant. You might think – “Well, that’s just like my car’s engine using oil. All I have to do is top off the refrigerant and everything will be just fine. After all, most A/C recharging kits come with a can of refrigerant for this very purpose.”

This all sounds logical but it’s time to go a little deeper. The truth is that A/C systems do not ever userefrigerant. If it’s low, that means there is a leak. Simply topping off the refrigerant level may buy you some more time but it will not solve the problem. Additionally, using the stop leak sealer in the DIY kit does not always stop the leak and it rarely offers a long term solution.

#2: There may not be enough oil in the system.
In a properly operating A/C system, refrigerant carries oil throughout the system, lubricating parts along the way. If you do have a refrigerant leak, some of the oil leaks out with it. Adding more refrigerant with an A/C recharging kit doesn’t replenish the lost oil. Continuing to run your A/C in this condition can cause damage to internal parts and lead to more expensive repairs later.

#3: Moisture is the enemy of an A/C system.
When oil and refrigerant leak out, moisture and air get in. This wreaks havoc on your A/C system because moisture reacts with refrigerant and oil to create acid and sludge. The sludge interferes with the transfer of heat and the acid eats away at internal parts and seals. In both cases, the system is rendered ineffective and parts break down prematurely.

#4: A/C recharging kits are often used inappropriately.
What many DIY’ers don’t know is that proper recharging of an A/C system is done by weight, not by pressure. Since DIY A/C recharging kits come only with a pressure gauge, and you have no idea how much refrigerant was lost or needs to be added, the systems often become overcharged.

The bottom line is that DIY A/C recharging kits may offer a temporary solution but rarely a long term one. And, they can cause more damage and result in the need for even more expensive repairs in the future. Instead, you can trust our expert technicians to fix the problem right the first time and get your A/C running efficiently again.

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