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Neuron EV Releases Stunning T-ONE Image Gallery with Q&A

Neuron EV Releases Stunning T-ONE Image Gallery with Q&A

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 22, 2019 - Neuron EV answers questions about the history, vision, brand essence, outlook, and role of the innovative automotive company in expanding the EV landscape.

Q: What exactly is Neuron EV?

A: Neuron EV is a global company founded in California, driven to expand sustainability through practical and desirable electric utility vehicles.

Q: Why do we need Neuron EV?

A: We've come to a point when environmentally friendly is not just a feature anymore. It has become a requirement. Governments worldwide are set to be carbon neutral. People need quality electric vehicles that offer more value. Neuron understands the problems and has a unique approach to solve them quickly and effectively.

Q: What makes Neuron EV special?

A: Our values and our products. Neuron is about creating solutions for a better future. There is no compromise to our values or the quality of our products.

Q: Why is Neuron's vehicle named T-ONE?

A: The letter T signifies that it's built on a truck platform. The word ONE was used in combination because it's built as an all-in-one multipurpose vehicle. The platform can take on various truck bodies as well as a van. It's more than a simple pickup truck, it's an Electric Utility Vehicle that offers value through modular technology.

Q: Where can we see Neuron EVs?

A: We just held our international exhibition of the T-ONE and TORQ vehicles at CIIE this year. The next Neuron Exhibition will be held at the Hongqiao Import Commodity Exhibition and Trading Center located in the International Central Business District starting December 2.

Q: Why did Neuron EV choose CIIE as the venue of its first exhibition?

A: China is the largest market for electric vehicles and will grow to be an even more dominant market in the future. CIIE is the world's largest trade expo and it was an incredible opportunity for us to promote the Neuron brand and exhibit our vehicles. It was also a chance for us to evaluate our company as we stood alongside well-known automotive brands, the ones that could give us challenges in the foreseeable future.

Q: What was the outcome of Neuron EV's exhibition at CIIE?

A: It was a pivotal experience for Neuron because we witnessed a strong market need for our products. We were the only new electric vehicle brand, and we felt very welcome. We believe that a genuine connection was made with the audience. Our exhibition also sparked major media coverage including Xinhua News, which is the largest and most influential media organization in China. Overall, there was an overwhelming interest in our brand, and we are following up with the developments. We're very thankful for the opportunity to participate.

Q: How fast and how powerful are Neuron EVs?

A: For us, vehicle performance is determined by usability. Why are vehicles engineered to go faster than the speed limit if our goal as a society is to reduce car accidents? Neuron's product quality is measured by ease of use, comfort, reliability, safety, and sustainability.

Q: How will Neuron EV communicate value to customers?

A: Neuron will offer value through brand, product, and service excellence to create a lasting quality experience.

Q: What makes Neuron EV different from the competition?

A: Neuron is focused on smart production and not mass production. There is plenty of room for improvement in renewable energy vehicles and we're creating our space by being ourselves.

Q: How do you want customers to view Neuron EV?

A: Neuron aims to serve customers who genuinely desire cleaner and better cars. We want people to enjoy our products and do their share in addressing climate change and improving our society by driving Neuron.

Q: How does Neuron EV plan to manage the complex automotive supply chain?

A: Our experience built from trial and error has given us helpful insights. We plan to establish a clear roadmap that will unify like-minded professionals to streamline the delivery of new generation electric utility vehicles.

Q: How will you ensure Neuron EV's uniqueness?

A: We plan to build and foster a culture of innovation for sustainability. It's precisely how Neuron started—by gathering people's opinions and developing them into solutions.

Q: Are there any risk factors?

A: Yes, just like in any business. We have our own set of challenges and risks which we try our best to mitigate through proper planning.

Q: What is the funding plan for Neuron EV?

A: We're currently a privately held organization, but we're aware that bringing our products to the market will require more major investments. We're in the process of exploring options for our future.

Q: What would you consider as Neuron EV's inspiration?

A: Organizations and communities who share similar values and support our cause fuels our drive.

Q: How does Neuron EV define success?

A: For us, success is about overcoming barriers and constantly performing at our best to contribute to a greater good.

Q: Where is Neuron EV located?

A: Our business headquarters is located in Los Angeles, with subsidiary companies and partners in the state of California and the Asia Pacific Region.

Q: Will Neuron EV provide incentives to reach its goals?

A: We're currently studying that. Neuron prioritizes understanding customer needs and delivering solutions, and that requires frequent evaluation. We're continuously developing the value of our offerings.

Q: Who are Neuron EV's target customers?

A: Our target customers are young professionals between the ages of 30 and 50, the people who use technology to lead dynamic yet balanced lifestyles.

Q: What does the next five years look like for Neuron EV?

A: We envision streamlined manufacturing, sales, and distribution platforms for our products. Our plan is to continuously build upon the depth of our authenticity as we fulfill major needs in the electric vehicle market.

Q: How will Neuron EV protect their intellectual property?

A: IP protection is a basic requirement. Our mission doesn't stop at protecting our creativity because we believe innovation is not static. Our products will continuously evolve to be better.

Q: What does technology mean to Neuron EV?

A: We view technology as an optimization tool. It helps us monitor, analyze, and control an outcome quickly and efficiently. Simple and purposeful is a key phrase we use to steer the development of technology.

Q: What is Neuron EV's goal?

A: Our goal is to build high quality, safe, and reliable electric utility vehicles with the best value. We aim to develop our company values through resilience in building unity, humanity, and sustainability. We believe the best innovations are for improving people's lives and that's Neuron.

Q: Any last comments?

A: Neuron EV started in California with a strong determination to deliver truly amazing electric utility vehicles for people worldwide. Please stay tuned!

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