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Interstate Batteries | 4 Ways to Help Extend Your Car's Battery Life

Don’t let a dead battery hold you back from living your best life.

There are a lot of uncontrollable factors that determine how long your battery will last. Things like weather, driving habits and age can impact how long your battery will run, but we’ve got four tips to help you extend the life of your battery so you don’t miss any of life’s important events.

Interstate Batteries | 4 Ways to Help Extend Your Car's Battery Life1. Regular Battery Maintenance*

Battery maintenance is the key to keeping your battery healthy and strong. During regular maintenance, be sure to check the water levels on your battery. Also make sure that you check the connectors and hold downs for proper tightness. You also may need to disconnect your battery to keep it free of corrosion. Our pro tip is to clean the battery using a mix of baking soda and water. Mix the two ingredients to the same consistency as toothpaste, clean the battery with the mixture, rinse with water after clean and then dry thoroughly.

2. Be Mindful of Car Accessories

We all know that leaving your headlights on when your car is off can drain your battery, but running other accessories can be a drain too. It’s best to make sure your interior lights, radio, and windshield wipers are off when the engine of your car is no longer running.

3. Regularly Drive Your Car

Lead-acid batteries work best when they are fully charged. Leaving your car in the garage for a couple weeks or months can weaken your battery and put your future plans in jeopardy. If you know your car will be unused for more than a couple of weeks, look into purchasing an automatic battery charger to keep your car’s battery at full strength.

4. Get Your Battery Tested

This one is a no brainer. When you take your car in for regular maintenance, ask your local auto technician if they can also test the battery. This test should be able to tell you the current strength of your battery and also predict what temperature will cause your car battery to fail. Testing your battery during regular maintenance will help keep you from being stranded with a dead battery. Want to find a location near you that will test your battery? Click here to find an Interstate dealer near you!

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*All batteries differ. Please consult with your local dealer for more information on how you can perform regular maintenance on your battery. Please do not attempt if you are unfamiliar with regular battery maintenance.

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