Tuesday, 17 July 2018 12:31

Responsible Battery Coalition: Year In Review

The latest automotive industry research shows that 12% of consumers still have a dead or unusable vehicle battery at home and not in the closed recycling loop. In an effort to bring those remaining vehicle batteries that sit in forgotten corners of garages or in inoperative vehicles back into the recycling loop, the Responsible Battery Coalition has launched the 2 Million Battery Challenge.

Recycling your used vehicle battery is quick and easy. Just drop it off at a local retailer. To find a location near you, visit https://www.responsiblebatterycoalition.org/

Did You Know?

Materials in vehicle batteries are the most recycled consumer product in the world. Compared to 55% aluminum cans, 45% newspaper, 26% tires and 26% glass bottles, 99% of lead acid batteries are recycled.

Used Batteries Make New Batteries

Almost the entire battery is recyclable and can be used to make new batteries and other products. The battery components are processed to produce new lead grids and plastic containers for vehicle batteries and used in other products such as cleaners.

The recycling cycle goes on indefinitely. The lead and plastic in your vehicle battery has been and will continue to be recycled many, many times.


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