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Rear Spoiler Market to Witness Significant Growth due to Rising Demand From SUVs & High-Speed Vehicles Till 2025

FELTON, California, July 3, 2018 - The Global Rear Spoiler Market is anticipated to reach USD 7.30 billion by 2025 with the contribution of growing demand for the SUVs and MPVs from the young generation. A Rear Spoiler is an automotive aerodynamic device that helps in spoiling the opposing air movement across the body of the vehicle. The spoilers present on the front of the cars are called as air dams that are essential for the engine cooling and high speed stability.

Some spoilers are fitted on the cars just for designing purpose or for improved aerodynamics. A rear spoiler supports in increasing the efficiency and decreasing the drag. The spoilers improve the traction capability of a car, improve the visibility of the car and reduce the weight of the car, technically. The Rear Spoiler Market is predicted to grow considerable at CAGR of 7.9% primarily owing to the manufacturing of plastic spoilers.

At present, several cars are well-furnished with Rear Spoilers to improve the fuel efficiency and reduce the rate of accidents. Most customers install the rear spoilers for designing purpose, which is a reason for increased demand. The bulk manufacturing of composite materials is anticipated to diminish the cost of raw materials in near future. This will ultimately reduce the overall cost of rear spoilers and produce a higher demand over the years.

The rising demand from SUVs (sports utility vehicles) and high-speed vehicles is expected to support the rear spoiler industry growth significantly. The carbon fiber, which is mostly used in the manufacturing of rear spoilers is preferred by the aftermarket since the customization is carried out by the independent service providers. The rear spoiler also possesses features like high strength, durability, improved finishing and appearance and lightless.

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The Internal Combustion Engine is projected to dominate the rear spoiler industry in the near future. Maintaining the balance of the car at higher speeds and providing aerodynamic features are among the major advantages to manufacture Internal Combustion Engines. This will further support the rear spoiler from the automobile sector. The rear spoilers manufactured from the hybrid segment is predicted to contribute the CAGR impressively over the years. Such a penetrating of hybrid vehicles from the different parts of the world economies will boost the market growth. Depending on the vehicle segment, the hatchback segment is expected to dominate the market due to compact size and rates.

The hiked prices of the rear spoiler along with environmental concerns are majorly driving the automotive producers to develop fuel efficient cars with low emissions. Owing to the recent years, the fuel efficiency need is progressively rising in the automotive industry. Due to this reason, the extensive research is experiencing the development of aerodynamically improved vehicle designs. Hence, the demand for this improved product is expected to contribute largely to the rear spoiler market. Nevertheless, the rear spoiler installation and maintenance are very costly which may restrict the market growth in the coming years. The rear spoiler providers many a times offer suitable devices at reasonable rates and with after sale services for gaining customer confidence.

The rear spoiler industry is categorized on the grounds of vehicle type, material type, sales channel, technology, fuel, design and region. On the grounds of vehicle type, the market is divided into Hatchback, SUV and MPV. On the grounds of material type, the industry is divided into ABC Plastic, Fiber Glass, Silicon and Carbon Fiber. On the grounds of sales channel, the market is divided into OEM and After Market. On the grounds of technology, the rear spoiler market is divided into Blow, Injection and Reaction Injection Molding. On the grounds of fuel, the industry is divided into ICE and BEV. On the grounds of design, the market is divided into Strips and Free Standing Wing.

Some of the prominent rear spoiler industry participants are across the globe are Jiangnan Mould and Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. Albar Industries Inc., SMP Automotive,P.U. Tech Spoiler, Polytec Group, Thai Rung Union Car Plc., Rehau Ltd., Inoac Corporation, Plastic Omnium, SRG Global, AP PlasmanInc and Magna International.

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