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How to Spot a Female Friendly Auto Repair Shop | Good Works Auto Repair

Looking for an auto repair shop that you can trust to work on your vehicle is an important decision. There are a slew of repair shops out there, and it can sometimes be overwhelming to pick the right one – from honesty to price concerns to quality workmanship, there are a lot of factors to consider. Well another factor to consider is whether they are a female friendly auto repair shop. It might seem like an inconsequential issue, but it isn’t. Statistics show that 60% – 70% of repair shop customers these days are women, not men.

Realistically speaking, women aren’t looking for a spa like experience when they go in to have their brakes replaced or their oil changed, but they are looking for a few female friendly amenities. So how can you spot a female friendly auto repair shop? Here are a few features to be on the lookout for:

  • Friendly and welcoming counter staff – this is the first impression that customers get, and a friendly, personable greeting sets the tone for the whole visit. The fastest way to get a woman to walk out the door and never return again is a disrespectful or rude employee. A female friendly auto repair shop will greet their customers in a friendly and welcoming way.
  • Courteous and honest auto mechanics – Nothing turns a female customer off quicker than when a mechanic talks down to her, or she feels as though they are being disingenuous. Women often have way more questions than their male counterparts, so taking the time to answer their questions and accurately explain what needs to be done will garner way more favor and loyalty than if they are curt and dismissive.
  • Providing a written estimate – This goes along with the previous point, women want to know exactly what is being done to their vehicles and how much it is going to cost. Being able to see it all in list form, gives them the opportunity to ask any questions they may have about the repairs, and settle on a price beforehand. Surprises on the bill at the end is a pretty sure way to lose a repeat customer.
  • Comfortable waiting areas – if you are going to be sitting around for an hour or so, you certainly don’t want to do it on those hard, dinky plastic chairs with that one wonky leg you just can’t seem to adjust right.
  • Free wi-fi for waiting customers – Women are pro multi-taskers, and if they can log on and get some work done while they are waiting for their vehicle, it not only makes the time go by faster, but it also allows them to be productive instead of feeling like they are wasting hours of their day.
  • Refreshments – Being able to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea is just the right thing to help customers relax and calm down. Let’s face it, having to have your vehicle repaired isn’t exactly like going to the dentist, but it still isn’t the most enjoyable experience in the world.
  • Clean restrooms – Dirty bathrooms that look like they haven’t had a good scrub since 1972 are NOT the way to cater to your female customers. They aren’t looking for flowers, granite and a designer sink, but a clean, well-stocked bathroom are definite necessities.

Studies have shown that while cost is one of the biggest factors when choosing an auto repair shop, women tend to not put as much importance on cost, if they feel that they have found a shop they can trust, and one who treats them with respect. If you are looking for this type of female friendly auto repair shop, look no further, here at Good Works Auto Repair, we pride ourselves on all of the above points – features that appeal to our female customers and features that our manly guys never realized they missed.

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