Thursday, 08 June 2017 11:39

Keeping Things Coolant

It is no secret that preventative car maintenance and proper vehicle care over the years will make it last longer. When you care for the parts and systems at routine intervals as recommended by the manufacturer and your trusted auto repair shop, you will have a vehicle that performs better and lasts longer, saving you time and money down the road. Wouldn’t you be proud to drive a vehicle over 100,000 or even 200,000 which stills runs new and looks great? Well, part of that process is our recommended cooling system flushes which are beneficial to your vehicle’s cooling system and engine. According to experts, failure to care for your cooling system is cited as a principal reason for mechanical failure of a vehicle and one of the leading causes for breakdowns on the highway.

Whenever related worn-out parts are replaced, a coolant flush should be performed to prevent contamination of new components and extend their usefulness. Climate and the age or condition of your car may make it more prudent to change your fluids every year or even every season. Annual servicing by a trusted repair shop  ensures that your cooling system is also examined for leaks and defects. Coolant flushes are essential in preventative maintenance because they keep the system clean. Preventing corrosion and deposits from building up inside your cooling system is important. Today’s aluminum engine components are prone to corrosion and after about two years of driving, most coolants lose their anti-corrosive properties. Also, metal erosion as well as from parts that fail can clog the water pump. All of these could potentially lead to serious and costly repairs down the road.

Be sure that your trusted repair shop does more than just add water and anti-freeze to your radiator if the fluid has evaporated. This is also important, but we recommend even draining and replacing the coolant annually. This will extend your vehicle’s longevity. By circulating water and a cleaning agent throughout the engine periodically to completely change out the old, dirty fluid, you will eliminate buildup from corrosion or minerals in the water. One recent article from Kelley Blue Book states that in order to help keep your car on the road longer, you should flush the cooling system and change the coolant once per year with a 50/50 mix of coolant and distilled water which will keep the cooling system in good shape and prevent corrosion and deposits from building up inside the cooling system. Contact us today for your next cooling system coolant flush and start maintaining your vehicle so that it lasts longer and performs better.

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