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"Love Drives Me" Awareness Campaign Combines Love, Safety and Support for Local Program

SOUTH AMBOY, N.J., Feb. 1, 2016 -- What do you get when you combine love with a promise of safe driving? National Foundation for Teen Safe Driving calls it "Love Drives Me," a Valentine's Day campaign that raises awareness and reinforces the need to always make smart driving choices that can keep you safe and preserve a loving relationship for years to come.
Retail auto dealers from across the country are taking part in the Foundation's first coordinated safe driving awareness campaign. The campaign's components are designed to raise awareness through custom messages, and award grants to help fund local safety programs.  It starts by inviting teens and adults to create and send custom valentine greetings with a personalized, loving message that is reinforced by a promise to drive safely.  It may not sound like the most romantic valentine yet a promise of safe driving could be the most important thing you do for someone you love.

After sending the greeting, participants are invited to share the love by casting a vote for a local organization, selected by the local dealership, to receive a grant from NFTSD. At the campaign's conclusion more than $10,000 in grants will be awarded to organizations supporting local community safe driving efforts.
"This is the first campaign in a movement being designed to unite the retail auto industry in support of a mission that promotes road safety by focusing on teen safe driving," stated Roy Bavaro, the Foundation's executive director. "These tragic crashes can be prevented through greater awareness, education and open dialogue. Retail auto dealers are uniquely positioned to respond to this important call to action, and together we can make a difference."
Everyone is invited participate and share the love for this important cause. For more information and to send a custom Valentine greeting go to
About National Foundation for Teen Safe Driving
Established in 2011, National Foundation for Teen Safe Driving is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charitable organization dedicated to reducing the number of deaths and injuries resulting from automobile crashes by promoting safe driving and passenger safety to teens, parents and other teen influencers, through leadership, education and awareness.

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