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Distracted Driving Trends: Use of Hand-Held Cell Phones for Talking Decreasing, Increasing for Internet and Social Media

PR Newswire, Bloomington, Ill. -- According to the annual survey conducted by State Farm, drivers continue to be in favor of laws restricting cellphone use while driving, yet they are still using them.

For seven years State Farm has surveyed consumers regarding their attitudes and behaviors when it comes to distracted driving, revealing trends over time. A number of interesting trends have been revealed:

Talking on a hand-held cellphone while driving has decreased:
◦2009 – 65 percent
◦2015 – 51 percent

Texting while driving has stayed nearly the same:
◦2009 – 31 percent
◦2015 – 36 percent

Accessing the Internet while driving has more than doubled:
◦2009 – 13 percent
◦2015 – 29 percent

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