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Thursday, 08 June 2017 11:39

Save Time and Money by Using These Driving Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Even if you’re meticulous about taking care of your car and diligent about following its recommended service intervals, there are things you’re probably not doing in order to squeeze maximum mileage from each gallon of fuel. Improving your gas mileage by even one or two miles per gallon can save you a significant amount of money over time and eliminate pounds of harmful emissions from being released into the environment. Read on to learn how to improve gas mileage.

Driving Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Here are seven simple gas saving tips you can practice today.

  • Drive Slower. The faster you drive, the more fuel your engine requires.
  • Drive More Smoothly. Sudden braking, swerving and rough gear changes use up to 20% more fuel than smooth driving.
  • Use Your Cruise. When you’re driving on flat roads or going downhill, your cruise control will maximize fuel efficiency by keeping a steady pace. Going uphill, though, it will consume more fuel.
  • Lighten Your Load. The more your car weighs, the more energy is required to move it. Energy output equals fuel consumption. For every added 110 pounds you’re carrying, you’ll use 1% to 2% more fuel.
  • Avoid Idling. When your car is still and the engine is running, you’re essentially throwing fuel away. You’re getting zero miles per gallon. You’ll use far less fuel if you turn off your car when it is still and restart it when you’re ready to drive.
  • Close Your Windows. Driving with open windows and sunroof creates an aerodynamic strain that slows your car down. You’ll use more fuel to maintain your desired speed.
  • Use Your Air-conditioner Only as Needed. Turning off your AC can reduce fuel use by as much as 3%. When driving very slowly or standing still, opening the windows will not create a drag on your car. If the outside temperature allows, consider that as a cooling option.

Maintenance Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency

You can improve fuel efficiency by changing some of your driving habits. Your repair shop can help you achieve better fuel efficiency by evaluating the following:

  • Your tires (alignment, inflation, and tread wear)
  • Issues that cause your car to encounter mechanical resistance
  • Timing and gearing performance
  • Intake and exhaust (any restrictions that cause the systems to work harder)
  • Air filter performance (a dirty filter hinders the combustion process)

In addition to these gas-guzzling issues, regular tune-ups and inspections usually include replacing spark plugs, checking for leaks in hoses and tightening belts to keep your vehicle performing optimally. When your car’s systems are working as designed and not obstructed, fuel efficiency is maximized.

We Want to be Your Go-to Car-care Partner

Especially here in the desert southwest it’s important to do what you can to maximize your fuel efficiency in warm weather. In addition to the tips we’ve just shared, we’re happy to thoroughly evaluate your vehicle and suggest fuel-saving measures specific to your car. Tanner Motors is a Phoenix car dealership that specializes in servicing fine import vehicles including BMWs, Volvos, Minis and Lexus. Whether you want to boost fuel efficiency, need routine maintenance, or need us to troubleshoot a problem, contact us.  

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