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Bumper to Bumper Radio, the car guys on KTAR, 92.3 FM in Phoenix, AZ, broadcast every Saturday from 11:00 am to noon. On this show, Matt Allen of Virginia Auto Service in Phoenix, AZ talks about why certain cars require certain fuels and why brake noises are common during this time of year. Also on this show:

  • Information about top tier fuel.
  • Does fuel differ depending on the gas station?
  • Why brake noises are common this time of year.
  • 2007 Lexus GX: What should i realistically expect to pay for a new paint job?
  • 2006 Nissan Pathfinder: At 160k miles my transmission is starting to slip. Should I consider changing the fluid?
  • Kia: My car recently couldn't start but the car isn't showing any codes. Is this possibly an issue with fuel blockage?
  • 2017 Honda CRV: A great review of Shadow Mountain Auto Care!
  • 2005 Porsche Cayenne: Is it possible to get a replacement key without having to go to the dealership?

Cars talked about on this show are the 2007 Lexus GX, 2006 Nissan Pathfinder, Kia, 2017 Honda CRV, and the 2005 Porsche Cayenne.

Bumper Audio Clip of the Week

Bumper to Bumper helps a listener who is wondering what services are most important passing 100k miles on their Toyota Camry.