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Bumper to Bumper Radio, the car guys on KTAR, 92.3 FM in Phoenix, AZ, broadcast every Saturday from 11:00 am to noon. On this show, Matt Allen of Virginia Auto Service in Phoenix, AZ talks about what to do with your vehicle if you're suddenly driving more often. Also on this show:

  • What are motor mounts and what should you expect to pay for replacement?
  • What are the symptoms of failing engine mounts?
  • Components of your car that rely on mounts.
  • 2004 Porsche Boxster: I've noticed a siren-like sound around 75 mph. What could be the source of this?
  • 1999 Chevrolet Blazer: How can I fix a problem with my cooling system?
  • 1998 Chevrolet Tahoe: Would you recommend I replace or rebuild my engine?
  • 2001 Mercedes S600: How can I be sure of knowing this vehicle's horsepower was increased prior to purchase?
  • 1992 Ford Ranger: My truck doesn't overheat, but my temperature gauge never seems to reach the midpoint. What could be causing this?

Cars talked about on this show are the 2004 Porsche Boxster, 1998 Chevrolet Tahoe, 2001 Mercedes S600, and the 1992 Ford Ranger.

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Bumper to Bumper helps a listener who is having trouble passing emissions with their 2012 Nissan Pathfinder.