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Bumper to Bumper Radio, the car guys on KTAR, 92.3 FM in Phoenix, AZ, broadcast every Saturday from 11:00 am to noon. On this show, Matt Allen of Virginia Auto Service in Phoenix, AZ talks about how to properly maintain your vehicle's cooling system and diagnose potential issues with your car's AC. Also on this show:

  • Preventative maintenance and services that could avoid a costly cooling system repair.
  • How do auto repair shops find the source of a refrigerant leak?
  • How to communicate cooling system issues with your auto repair shop.
  • How to properly inspect your vehicle for fluid leaks.
  • Father's Day gifts for the car lover in your life!
  • 2001 Ford Focus: My auto repair shop has told me that my transmission hoses are sweating. What does this mean and how will it affect the overall health of my vehicle?
  • 2014 Ford F150: What work will I need done on my tire pressure monitoring system if I'm upgrading my tires?
  • 2010 Ford Escape: Why does my check engine light come on each time I fill my gas tank?
  • 2018 Ford F250: Are there any disadvantages to adding a leveling kit to my truck?
  • 2008 Corvette: How can I get rid of a musty smell coming from my AC?
  • 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe: My truck is having intermittent issues starting. What are the first steps I should take to diagnose this issue?
  • Mazda B2300: What are the symptoms of torque converter issues?

Cars talked about on this show are the 2001 Ford Focus, 2014 Ford F150, 2010 Ford Escape, 2018 Ford F250, 2008 Corvette, 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe, and the Mazda V2300.

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