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Bumper to Bumper Radio ShowsWe go on the air every week to get this message out. You owe it to yourself and to everyone else on the road to keep your car in great shape. Your safety and your well being depend on it. There is a lot you can do by yourself. That is much of what we talk about on our show. But as soon as you know you are stepping outside of your comfort zone - find a qualified mechanic. You will need to get educated, and be prepared to trust an expert when you find one.

Our key staff members have spent their whole lives in the world of auto repair and maintenance. We want to share that expertise with you in an open dialog.

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Small Annoyances With Your Car That Your Living With and Should Repair 2015-04-18
Finding the Right Auto Shop and Price for Car Air Conditioning Service 2015-04-11
Consumer Information and Tips for how to Buy A Quality Used Car 2015-04-04
Remote Broadcast from Virginia Auto Service: Important Ways to Prepare your Car for Summer 2015-03-28
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When it is the Right Time to Replace the Water Pump in your Vehicle 2015-03-14
Tire Pressure, Alignment, Inspection, and Balance for your Vehicle 2015-03-07
How to Select a Quality Auto Repair Shop for your Vehicle 2015-02-28
When it’s Important to Inspect or Replace Belts and Hoses in Your Car 2015-02-21
What Happens When You Don’t Change Your Car’s Oil Properly and Regularly 2015-02-14
The Most Common Neglected Repairs That Affect the Value of Your Vehicle 2015-02-07
Lower Gas Prices and What This Means for Your Car 2015-01-31
The Importance of the Timing Belt in your Vehicle. 2015-01-24
Auto Emissions Information and Tips to Keep Your Car Passing 2015-01-17
Automobile Industry Airbag Recalls That Could Affect Your Safety 2014-10-25
To What Degree does Technology and “Big Brother” Affect our Focus and Driving Habits? 2014-10-18
In What Ways Has Your Car Been Under Maintained or Over Maintained? 2014-10-04
What Should You Expect From an Auto Repair Diagnostic? 2014-09-27
Do Auto Shops Sell You What They Repair In Instead of What You Really Need? 2014-09-20
How to Repair a Car With Flood or Water Damage 2014-09-13